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WordPress vs Wix 2024 – Which One is Better & Why?

Do you want to know the best blogging platform from […]

Wordpress vs Wix

Do you want to know the best blogging platform from WordPress vs. Wix to start your site or blog? then you are at the right place. because we will compare these both platforms, in this article.

As we all know there are many platforms or website builders to build your website. For example WordPress, Weebly, Blogger, Wix, etc. However, it is difficult and confusing to choose the right one to build your website. Because every platform has its own features & limitations. It is a very helpless situation when you find that your selected builder can’t do something that you want to do on your website.

So it is important to choose the right one, before starting your blog. But to choose the best option for your website, you have to need to know all about those options. Then you can choose the right option for your website. But in this article, we will compare WordPress vs Wix.

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Wordpress vs Wix

WordPress is an open-source CMS platform that is widely used to build websites. It provides 100% control & freedom to build your website as you want. In this, Themes and plugins are used to make your website. WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites on the Internet. You can build a personal blog to a fully professional website with WordPress. Learn vs Full Comparison Guide


Wordpress vs Wix

Wix is a cloud-based web development platform. You can create HTML5 websites by using their drag-and-drop builder. Wix has over 1 million websites.  You have no need to be a developer or programmer to make a website with Wix. You can make a Wix website without any programming skills.

after this basic introduction, we will compare them with each other to know the best option for you. So let’s start!

WordPress vs Wix: A Full Comparison Guide

 Easy to Use

Wix is a very easy-to-use builder. It offers a WYSIWYG interface which gives you the ability to customize your website from the front end and you can see live changes on your website. On Wix, you can rearrange items anywhere on your website using drag-and-drop tools. You can write & publish your content very easily. It is the best & useful option for newbies.

WordPress offers a visual editor to write your content. But you can’t see how it will look after publishing. To check that you have to need to press the preview or publish button. WordPress offers a theme customizer that works like WYSIWYG. You can easily customize your WordPress theme with the customizer. But WordPress has a very small curve to learn, which means you have to need to be familiar with WordPress terms.

Summary– with Wix, you have no need to spend more time to learn. You can make a Wix website in a very short time duration, without any technical skills.

WordPress is also very easy to use. WordPress also offers easy to use admin panel & theme customizer to customize the design of your site. But you need to know about the basic factors of WordPress like tags, pages, posts, etc.

Design and layout

WordPress is completely full of choices; you will have no complaints about choices on WordPress. There are thousands of themes on WordPress (paid and free). You can choose anyone according to your requirements and budget. The free theme offers fewer features and paid themes give you more control & features for your theme design As well as official support. There is a variety of themes for your website. You can build or use your own theme if you want. Or you can hire a developer for that. In WordPress, you can change and customize your theme at any time.

Wix provides you with 500 + templates to use for your website. All the Wix themes and templates are in HTML5. Wix offers you complete control over customizing your template. You can change the layout, Re-arrange items, etc. On Wix, you can’t change your template later. This is a big disadvantage of Wix. You can modify but can’t change your selected template.

Summary- WordPress offers more variety and freedom to customize and build the design of your website. You can change the theme anytime in WordPress but this is not possible with Wix.

Plugin and Apps

Wix offers 200 + apps to add more functionality to your website. You can add forms, comments, galleries, etc. on your website. Some apps are free and some are paid. These apps cover all the basic requirements to build your website with basic features.

WordPress has thousands of plugins (free and paid) to add more features to your website. In WordPress, you can find hundreds of plugins for only one functionality or feature. You can do anything on WordPress that you can imagine.

Wordpress vs Wix

Summary- WordPress gives you great options & variety for choosing required plugins for your website. On WordPress, you are free to do anything for your site. WordPress offers a huge variety of free themes as well as paid plugins, with great quality. Rank Math SEO is a good example of the best free plugin for WordPress.

On the other hand, Wix has limited options for your website.


On Wix, you can’t run or start an e-commerce store with the free plan. But if you are using Wix with paid plans then you can start an e-commerce Store. But you can use only PayPal and to accept payments from your Store.

There are some external apps to use for your online store to sell something. But they will charge monthly fees from you. So it becomes more expensive. You will not be able to add more payment gateways in your e-store. You will have Limited control over your store to customize or change it.

As we know WordPress is an open-source to use and provides a lot of choices. It is also true to build an online store on WordPress. On WordPress, there are hundreds of themes (free and paid) which are specially made for online stores or e-commerce websites. You can choose any one from them to build your online store.

There are thousands of plugins that are specially made for e-commerce functionality. Woo-commerce is a big example of that. There are free plugins as well as paid to add more features in your e-store.

On WordPress, you can use any payment gateway on your Store. You have no need to pay more as a monthly fee or as some percentage of transactions. WordPress is totally free. You just need to deal with the payment gateway and your customers.

Summary- There is no option like WordPress to start an e-commerce Store. Because it gives you 100% control, freedom, and choices.

Wix is far behind in WordPress vs Wix when we compare it to starting an e-commerce Store.


You can’t make your own themes and apps on Wix. Because Wix is not an open-source platform. Wix keeps control in their own hands to develop or modify tools and themes for the platform.

Every tool on Wix is created, tested, and managed by Wix. So you have no need to worry about any technical issues with your website. Wix managed everything for your website in the backend. But you can’t use any third-party tools for your website. Wix manages all the technical issues of your website. So you have more time to write good content for your website

On the other hand, WordPress is an open-source platform that’s why anyone can change or use WordPress codes to make their own tools or products, for personal or public use. This is the main reason for having more variety & choices in WordPress. Everyone can make their own products, so there are some chances of variation in the quality of tools.

But if you do use tested tools that are up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of WordPress, then you are safe, and no need to take tension.

Summary- WordPress is more flexible than Wix. Because it gives you more freedom and control to build your website.

Wix gives you Limited control and features to build your website and everything is in Wix’s hands. Wix is far behind in WordPress vs Wix comparison for flexibility


Wix Offers support in different modes like as email support, phone support, and forum support. It means you can call & email to get help from ix. You can also post any questions on the forum & get answers from experts and other users.

Wix also offers a great library to help their users. You can find videos, tutorials, and articles about any topic.

WordPress offers the only forum where you can post your questions and get answers from experts and other users. There are thousands of experts to help you. But you will get an answer for your question on the WordPress forum, is not sure. There are many questions without answers and reply.

WordPress is more popular and widely used so there are thousands of videos and tutorials about WordPress on the internet. You can find thousands of videos on YouTube & thousands of articles on the Internet.

Summary- Wix offers dedicated support to their users and gives answers to each and every question that you asked from them. This is a great and big feature of Wix.

But WordPress offers only forum support. It is not as effective as Wix support. But you can find more about WordPress on unofficial websites. There are some sites that are made on WordPress only.


Wix is a closed-source platform. So everything is in Wix’s control. It means, everything is created and managed by Wix, so you have no need to worry about the updates, security, and backups of your website. Wix managed everything in the backend. So you do no need to check & keep an eye on new updates or press the update button to update your site.

On the other hand, In WordPress, you have the responsibility to manage your website. Your site’s backup, security, and updates are your responsibility. WordPress is continually improving its software to add more features and remove bugs. That’s why WordPress gives the update several times in a year. So it is difficult to update your website manually when you are using a customized website. But now WordPress gives the option to update WordPress automatically which is easier and secure. due to the updates of WordPress, its plugins and themes are also give updates then you have to need to update these all also.

But if you run your website with outdated versions then your website is running on risk. It may be caused to harmful effects, not performing well, or even crashes or hacking of your website.

Summary- On WordPress, everything is your responsibility. You will have to need to keep up to date and secure your website.

But in Wix, you have no need to remember about the security, backup, etc. for your website.


Wix comes with 5 premium plans from $4.50 to $24.50 per month. In the starter or basic premium plan, you will get only 1 GB of disc space and with the highest plan, you will get unlimited bandwidth and all other features & tools with support.

Wordpress vs Wix

You can start a free website on Wix. But in the free website, Wix ads will be shown in the sidebar & bottom of your website. To remove these ads, you have to need to upgrade to premium plans. You can start a Wix website from $55 per year to $294 per year with dedicated support.

On the other hand, WordPress is totally free to use. but you have to need to buy a hosting and domain for your website. You can buy hosting from any company which you want from. If you just starting or have a small-level website. Then you can buy shared hosting for your website. It will cost you less. But if you want then you can buy a dedicated server for you. It depends upon your requirements and pocket. But always buy hosting from a reputed company. I personally recommend Bluehost to you, which is the best hosting company.

You can buy a shared hosting in 3 to $4 per month and a domain name with a .com extension in just $8 per year. It means you can start a WordPress website in just $50 per year, which is pocket-friendly to everyone.

Summary- WordPress gives you more control, freedom, choice, and customization for your website at less cost.

Wix gives you Limited features with more cost but it gives you dedicated support.

Conclusion: WordPress vs Wix

you can do anything on WordPress that you can imagine in your thoughts. Because you have full control and freedom with WordPress to build your website.

Which is not possible with Wix. Wix gives you everything with limitations. You will pay for your website to Wix. But less or no control on your website expects some customization of design. That’s why I will prefer to Wix.

What do you think about WordPress vs Wix? Tell me in the comments box and Don’t forget to share this WordPress vs Wix comparison guide on social media.

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