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Contributor Guidelines

We are working hard to provide High-Quality, Valuable, and Interesting content to Our Audience. And we also expect the same or Higher Quality from our Contributors.

If you’re confident that you can provide the same quality & Taste to our Audience then you are the right fit to become a DotComOnly Contributor. To Maintain our standards, we ask our contributors to be familiar with our Contribution Guidelines:

Content Guidelines:

  • posts length must be at least 1500 words. You can use Images, Videos, references, stats, studies-reports to make it more user-friendly for the audience. content should be relevant and useful for our audience.
  • Don’t Publish the same Content, If there is already existing on site.
  • Un-natural, Irrelevant links will be removed.
  • Posts containing many Un-natural links or keyword stuffing will be rejected. (Read Linking Guidelines below to know more about link usage).
  • Posts should not be promotional. We are not accepting company-specific content, press releases or anything Similar to that, from our contributors.
  • Your Content will be published under your name. But once you publish the content, you can’t edit, change or modify the content after that. To make any changes, contact with the editor. (only genuine changes will be accepted).
  • Your content must be in ready-to-publish form when you submit for final review. We review each post manually and posts requiring too much editing may be rejected.
  • Authors will be responsible for checking the status of their posts. if there are any requirements to edit the content. Your content will be live in the next 10 days. (Normally, it takes lesser time)
  • We reserve the right to edit, change, or delete any content at any time, with/without any information.

Linking Guidelines:

  • We allow only one link from one domain. You can do internal linking to relevant sources from DotComOnly.
  • links of relevant authority sources like articles, blog posts, research data or something useful for the audience, will be acceptable.
  • We don’t allow Affiliate Links, Company links, product/services, price pages, or category-tags links of other sites in the content.
  • Don’t add social profile links (for your or others) in the content. You can place these links in your author profile.
  • If we found/believe that you are publishing content for link building then we will remove all those links or posts. You can also lose your contributor account for these types of activities.
  • Don’t use repeat links, keywords/anchor text.
  • Don’t use Keyword rich anchor texts.
  • We reserve the right to remove or change the link at any time without your information.

Other Things to Follow:

  • We are not accepting any infographics. So kindly avoid using them.
  • You will be responsible for any Copyrights for your media, content, or anything else, which you have published/used on DotComOnly.
  • Use Copyright-free media with the creative-common license.
  • Always Double-check, cross-check your content before publishing. Because you can’t delete-edit it, after publishing.

We can change these guidelines at any time. Contributors will be responsible to follow our updated guidelines. We always reserve the right to remove access of a person, as a contributor to publish content. and we also have the right to close/open our Contributor Program for new/existing contributors.

If you are using any other method to reach out to write for DotComOnly then you will not get any response from us. We are only using this form to get contributors for us.