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Greengeeks vs Bluehost: Detailed Comparison 2024

Do you know that selecting proper hosting for your website can lead you to a huge profit? Yes if you choose the best hosting for your website then your website will run like a horse and visitor’s wave will suddenly increase.

Well, I will compare the most demanding hosting providing services. Yes, we are going to compare Greengeeks and Bluehost hosting providing services. These are the most used hosting providing services till now for WordPress.

I am going to compare Greengeeks and Bluehost hosting providing services in this post. I will all the detailed points in this post. This will help you to choose the best hosting providers for your website.

Comparison Between Greengeeks And Bluehost

Greengeeks and Bluehost are the best premium hosting services available in the market. Both services are best in their way. Greengeeks and Bluehost are good for both beginners and also for experience persons too.

Greengeeks offers you a Solid State Drive called SSD storage which is practically 2 times faster than Hard Disk Drive HDD. But Bluehost does not have such kind of advantage.

The Internet has a very bad impact on the environment but Greengeeks has a solution to it. Greengeeks provide eco-friendly hosting to the users. Which helps the environment be pollution-free.

Bluehost is officially recommended by which means Bluehost can provide the best website experience if you build a website on

Bluehost offers three main types of hosting like Shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and Woocommerse hosting. You can choose the best hosting according to your website needs.
Greengeeks offer three packs for users to choose best for them. Users can choose the best pack according to their needs. The base pack starts at 2.49$ per month.

You can build only one website using this base pack. It offers standard performance at this price. Along with the 50 GB Web storage. You will get a free domain name for the first year and also an SSL certificate.

This free pack includes nightly backup, free CND, built-in caching, and unlimited databases.

GreenGeeks and Bluehost both provide effectively and Cpanel Hosting and many other exciting Plans. So, from a worth standpoint, it’s now an in-depth call between these two hosts–with GreenGeeks getting just a small edge.

I’ve had excellent website performance using both GreenGeeks and Bluehost. and therefore the support staff at both companies has been very responsive and effective. within the past, we rated GreenGeeks customer support much above Bluehost. Both GreenGeeks and Bluehost are excellent hosting for web designers.

However, Bluehost has made a variety of improvements to its web hosting in recent times, and its support response times are a number of the simplest we’ve seen. In fact, while it’s close, we might now give Bluehost the sting when it involves customer support response times and issue resolution.

With GreenGeeks hosting, you get solid-state drives for faster performance, alongside a free name for the lifetime of your account, and free SEO and marketing tools.

Bluehost now includes a variety of premium features for WordPress users including a customized WordPress dashboard, automatic plugin, and themes updates, and that they even include website staging (now in beta).

When it involves website speed, I’ve had excellent results with both GreenGeeks and Bluehost. In our direct head-to-go testing, GreenGeeks was the winner for website speed and page loading times. See our sample results below.

GreenGeeks and Bluehost are two great options for web hosting. First, we just like the value you get with GreenGeeks hosting plan. You get top features for less money than you’ve got to pay at Bluehost.

And, if you’re trying to find a green web hosting option, you’ll be hard-pressed to seek out an internet host with a greater commitment to being green.

They use industry-leading technologies like KVM and OpenStack to form sure your website is as fast because it can get.

GreenGeeks, on the opposite hand, gives you a number of the simplest in-house developed speed technologies like PowerCacher, which serves your application efficiently and guarantees blazing fast page load times to your visitors. They also offer free Cloudflare CDN integration to hurry up your site.

To put the online hosting guarantees of Bluehost and GreenGeeks to the test, we decided to conduct a couple of different speed and performance experiments on their hosting servers.


According to Pingdom, our Bluehost site took 689ms to load when tested from my City. That’s faster than 94% of tested sites.

According to Load Impact, Bluehost’s performance remained equivalent no matter the number of tourists.

For our GreenGeeks site, there have been a couple of small spikes within the loading time, which suggests the location bogged down slightly.

After our Load Impact tests, we used a tool called Bitcatcha to research server response times from 8 different geographical locations: NY, LA, London, Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. The speed for every location was measured 3 separate times, then the results were averaged.

The best thing about Bluehost is that they create it super easy for anyone to launch a replacement website. With their guided onboarding, you’ll easily install WordPress on your web hosting account, choose a WordPress theme, and install recommended WordPress plugins.

GreenGeeks’s onboarding experience isn’t as sleek as Bluehost’s. . They also offer an excellent website builder to make your website the way you would like without hiring a developer

When it involves features, both Bluehost and GreenGeeks have tons in common, like SSD storage, a free name with a hosting plan purchase, free SSL, 1-click WordPress install, etc. However, once you compare their differences in-depth, you’ll see that GreenGeeks stays further before the curve.

Before we examine how GreenGeeks stands call in terms of features, let’s take a glance at the few areas where Bluehost excels as compared to GreenGeeks:

Popularity: Bluehost powers over 2 million domains across the world.

Now let’s take at a number of the key features GreenGeeks provides that Bluehost doesn’t:

Unlimited websites: Even with their starter plan, you’ll host unlimited websites with GreenGeeks; whereas Bluehost only allows you to host 1 website.

Free site transfers: If you’re already hosted on the other hosting platforms, you’ll transfer your sites to GreenGeeks for free of charge.

Site builder: With every web hosting plan, you’ll get a free website builder.

Email accounts: you’ll create unlimited email accounts even with their starter web hosting plan.

GreenGeeks provides 24/7 support via 3 modes: live chat, phone, and ticket-based support. Their extensive documentation guides you thru every aspect of building an internet site with the GreenGeeks hosting platform.

In an attempt to specialize in providing missions via live chat and phone, Bluehost has retired ticket-based support. this might be frustrating to users with more advanced issues which will take a touch longer to resolve.

We believe that Bluehost may be a better hosting provider than GreenGeeks overall. Bluehost offers affordable hosting options for beginners. Their easy onboarding process makes it super easy for anyone to begin a replacement site, no matter their skillset.

If you would like to launch a little WordPress site, then you’ll choose their WordPress hosting plan. If you don’t want to handle the technicalities of optimizing your hosting server as your website grows, then you would possibly want to settle on WP Pro, their managed WordPress hosting solution.

They also offer WooCommerce hosting, which comes with everything you would like to urge your WooCommerce site up and running. With WooCommerce hosting, you’ll even have a free 2-hour found-out call with a WooCommerce expert.

Which One Is Best Between Bluehost And Greengeeks?

From the above, I think it is clear that both Greengeeks and Bluehost are best in different fields of hosting. You cannot give whole credit to anyone. Both have their own pros and cons. Both perform very well in their own way.

Greengeeks uses Solid State Drive called SSD therefore it offers speed to the users who are visiting the website for the first time. As Bluehost is using Hard Disk Drive therefore it offers some kind of latency than Greengeeks hosting.

Greengeeks offers a lot of features that Bluehost fails to provide. Greengeeks has a positive impact on the environment by providing green energy to the environment.

According to my experience, Greengeeks is better than Bluehost. The reason behind this is simple. You are getting different packs for choosing the best for you. The hosting is safe and faster than Bluehost’s hosting.

On the other hand, Bluehost is officially recommended by If you are building a big business then you can choose this hosting service because they have their servers situated in space.

As I am a blogger I don’t have much powerful hosting. So I have recommended Greengeeks. IF you want to run a big business then you can go with the Bluehost. Bluehost offers you the premium services that Greensgeeks fail to give.

The starting price of both service providers is very aggressive. So you will get a little bit confused while choosing as a beginner. According to my, you have a tight budget then you definitely go with Bluehost and you really have much budget then go with the pro pack of Greengeeks.

Because you don’t need to invest in the base pack of Greengeeks it is a very cheap quality pack.

The overall conclusion according to me is that you can go with Greengeeks. Greengeeks will provide you all the things that are necessary for good hosting.

Greengeeks offers you tight security that Bluehost might not provide you. But the main thing is that the hosting provider you choose for building your website will not offer any crashes or downtime. This means you will not see any website crashes or website down the issue if you use these hosting providers’ hosting.

You will get daily backups customer care supports on time if you go with any one of these hosting providers mentioned above. Bith these hosting providers providing you the money-back offer up to 30 days of buying the hosting.

They will refund your all the money if you do not agree with the performance. Both these hosting services have a one-click setup. Both hostings can handle as much traffic you wanna drive.

Bluehost vs Greengeeks 2024

Do you really wanna the performance of these two hosting services in 2024 then read this part carefully. In this fast world, many hosting services are launching. Many hosting services are new in 2024 and they are offering users much better features at this price to attract the user base.

Once they get that user base they increase their price tag. But in 2024 many fraud web hosting providers are also raising. These web hosting services offer many crash issues to the users who build their websites on this platform.

In 2024 Bluehost and Greengeeks are the only two trusted hosting platforms where users can trust blindly. There is not a single risk of fraud. As these are the trusted web hosting providers you can read the user’s review if you really want to go with any one of the web hosting providers.

In 2024 both these web hosting providers giving their hosting at the best pricing. But if you want to select the best out of this then I will suggest Greengeeks.

Greengeeks’s hosting will be best for building your website in 2024. In this modern world, people are not waiting for loading the website, they skip that website and go forward. For making your website load faster you definitely need to go towards Greengeeks.

Greengeeks uses SSD storage to get that 2 times faster speed than the hosting which uses the HDD storage facility.

If you are a beginner then you definitely go towards Greengeeks you are not only getting faster loading speed but also you are getting premium web hosting for a cheap price.

So this was the whole comparison of these two web hosting. Hope you got your all questions answers.