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Bluehost Hosting Coupon Code 2024

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting service providers and is officially recommended by Bluehost offers WordPress-optimized hosting for WordPress users.

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Bluehost is one of the best (if not the best) and largest web hosting service providers on the web collectively hosting over 2 million domains on the web. The company was founded in 2003 (17 years ago) by Matt Heaton and now offers various hosting solutions like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting WooCommerce hosting, and many more. 

Over the years of creating websites and blogs for our clients, Bluehost has provided one of the best services and one of the best customer service as well. 

I mean, how important is customer support?

Super crucial right? Great!

Bluehost Key Features.

Talking about how effective Bluehost is, what are the key features that make this hosting provider different?

  • Performance, 
  • Functionality, 
  • Ease of Use & 
  • Great Customer Support
  • Performance & Functionality:

Bluehost offers an outstanding performance compared to the dozens of other web hosts like Hostgator we’ve tried in the past either for one of our businesses or our clients. User experience is at the top performance rate and most of the time, users don’t have to worry about downtime or technical errors. 

It’s also one of the best in the markets looking at the SEO tools add-ons you get from Bluehost. It positively affects your website or WordPress and SERP rankings. One crucial aspect of every business website is speed. Users want fast websites and if you can’t provide that, then you are missing out on a lot. Speed isn’t only affected by your hosting server but also your site usage. 

This is what we mean:

  • How many visitors do you get monthly?
  • What hosting package did you opt for? (Will be discussed later).
  • And what’s installed on your website?

All these can affect your website’s functionality but one ignored aspect is your host. 

The better your host servers, the better uptime you’ll have. Bluehost is given an uptime guarantee of around 99% uptime. This explains that users need not worry about their websites going down at any moment.  

And here’s the thing…

We’ve used quite a several web-hosting services that go down here and there. So having a 99% uptime mark is a win for its users. Correct?

If your users don’t get the best functionality, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. I mean, how important is having a functionally powerful website? 

This will improve your SEO, customer satisfaction, and reader retention and boost your domain authority

  • Ease of Use;

Have you ever tried creating a website for yourself? If yes, then I’m pretty certain you know that most gisting services are not easy to use. I’ve personally switched from one hosting service provider to another because they were mostly complicated and I didn’t want to spend much hiring freelancers to handle certain tasks for me. 

Think about it…

Have you ever logged into your Cpanel and immediately closed the window because it looks so confusing and overwhelming?

Yes, I have. A couple of times!

Bluehost offers one of the simplest CPanel dashboards I’ve used in a while. For example, one-click installs for WordPress websites. In minutes, and a few clicks, you can install a WordPress website using Bluehost hosting services. 

It’s very easy to use and probably the best web hosting provider for beginners that is both reliable and is secure for short and long-term use. 

This hosting server makes it easier to use and pilot your website. 

You won’t even need to hire or outsource any other person to run technical aspects of your business website. 

Bluehost Cpanel and Customer Dashboards are easy to be familiar with.

For those starting a new website, you can easily add your domain name, change record names, create your business domain emails (free first year with Bluehost), and manage everything at the backend. 

Another thing we love about Bluehost is that you can always visit their resource center to learn more about how to use and become a professional at using Bluehost for your web needs. 

  • Great Customer Service

I don’t know about you but having a great customer support team is very important to me. It’s probably one of the first things I’ll check about before considering a web host. 

Your hosting server could develop a technical glitch at any point. What happens when visitors want to visit your website?

Also, You will get these features with Bluehost Hosting:

  • .net, 
  • .org, 
  • .me, 
  • .tech,
  • .space,
  • .online,
  • .store,
  • .website,
  • .club,
  • .blog
  • .co
  • .photo,
  • .us. 

How long will it take for the team to get it back up?

I’ve had several issues where we even lost a lot of data because our server went down and the only way to get this resolved was to call the customer support. 

Don’t get us wrong, speaking with a customer representative on call is great but what customers want is speed!

  • How fast can I get my problem resolved?
  • Can I get a live chat that I can instantly reach?
  • These are key things you must consider. 

Bluehost offers various support systems for its users. It’s effective, 24/7 help LIVE chat support (my personal favorite), help center and a contact us page.  

Bluehost Coupon
Bluehost Hosting Support

Having a problem you need resolved, with Bluehost it’s super easy and fast!

Extra: Bluehost also free email accounts for your business (a lot of hosts charge $10-$100 for this). You also get SSL on all plans that you decide to go with. 

Does Bluehost offer a refund?

Yes, all of their hosting packages come with a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked so you’re getting the most effective host with a month’s refund policy.

Best Bluehost Coupon Codes hosting deals (plus how to get started).

Now here’s pretty much the meaty aspect of this guide. What we did here is we took our time to find the most cost-effective Bluehost Coupon code and deals on the internet for you. 

Pricing and software fees can be a huge stumbling block for many users as everyone wants what’s cheap yet effective. 

But before that, what’s the cheapest rate I can pay for Bluehost each month?

Well, that depends on what Bluehost hosting solution or packages you select but you can get the Bluehost plan for as low as $2.75 per month (only if you subscribe for a long period).

Bluehost Hosting Coupon Code

Plus you also get a Free domain when you purchase any package and then ranges between $1.99 to $12.99 per year. 

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How to get started with Bluehost in 3 Minutes?

Whether you want to set up a website or a blog, the steps are pretty much the same and can be done in a few minutes; like we’ve mentioned, Bluehost offers one of the best, simple and easy-to-use website hosting servers on the internet. 

Most marketers decide to either use a website builder (like Wix) or content management system (CMS) like WordPress (which I’ll be showing you in a short while) as they are probably the easiest way to start a website or blog especially if you are a beginner and probably have never created any website(s) before. 

So, let’s breakdown the processes of setting up your website on Bluehost but before that, what are the things you need in place before diving into selecting your package and swiping your cards. 

A few things to keep in place are;

  • Your preferred domain name. You can use this tool to generate or check if your domain name is free or not.
  • A site plan. What’s your website structure going to be like? What pages, posts, categories are you going to need? All these should be put in place before you even open your computer system. 
  • Your web copy. This would include all the necessary copy that you need for your pages or blogs.
  • Your brand. This includes brand looks, your logo, colors, tone and overall feel that you want your customers to have whenever they’re on your website. For example here at DotComOnly, we try to make our guides as personal as possible so we can relate and pass the right feels back to our potential clients. 
  • Your web strategy. Everyone wants traffic but the truth is, traffic, leads and overall growth only comes when you have the right plan. (You can contact us to help you come up with the right strategy for your business website).

Setting up your Website or Blog On Bluehost in Minutes: 

In three (3) steps, here’s how to create your website or blog using Bluehost in 3 minutes or less:

  1. Select a Domain Name
  2. Pick a Plan or Package
  3. Install WordPress.

1. Select a Domain Name

Selecting a domain is the easiest part of creating a WordPress website using Bluehost hosting. 

But if you don’t have a preferred domain name already for your website then the hardest part is picking a domain name that suits your business or brand greatly. 

After coming up with a domain name that’s available for use, what you want to do next is to select your preferred plain. 

But think about it…

What is your preferred domain-name that is already in use?

Well, this is common and sometimes your preferred domain isn’t in use but has already been purchased by another person (buying and selling domains). 

Now if the domain name that’s perfect for you or your business is already in use, most domain name search tools like Namecheap, Bluehost, go daddy also provide different alternatives that you can select from. 

This could be using different words, spellings, or combinations to get one that’s free to use. 

I’ve faced this severally where I’ll have to completely change the name of my choice or either pay for super expensive domain names from sellers online. 

But another thing is, if your ideal domain name is already in use with the popular .com (which is the most reputable and also the most recommended for most websites), it might still be very much available with other domain extensions. 

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain name
  • Unlimited domains add-on
  • FTP-Access
  • Shell Access
  • One Click WordPress Install
  • Cpanel
  • Good 24/7 Technical Support
  • 99.9% Uptime.
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Here are a few:

2. Pick a Plan or Package

Picking a plan that suits your business can be overwhelming but we’ll be helping you get clear on that. 

I still recall having to move from one hosting plan to another on the same host all because I didn’t understand what each plan meant and after a while, traffic would cause a downtime hence negatively affecting my SEO.

Bluehost offers quite some plans and packages that you can pick from. They are;

  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting.
  • Shared Web Hosting.
  • VPS Web Hosting.
  • WordPress Web hosting.

The type of hosting plan that you pick determines your website Or blog’s performance, functionality, speed and security. 

Bluehost Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting is probably the best when it comes to performance and functionality. Just as the name implies, you get a dedicated server just for your website. This is also for huge websites that need super high uptime and don’t want any traffic from other websites to affect their website’s functionality. A Dedicated Web Hosting server gives you full control over every feature and you can do a lot with it. Bluehost offers this at a starting fee of $7.99/Month. 

Bluehost Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting solutions are for people who want to Resell their Hosting. If you are considering this, the Reseller Web Hosting is perfect for your business. Bluehost offers this at a starting fee of $16.79/Month. 

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting

The Shared Web Hosting plan is pretty much the most popular and cost-effective plan, especially for beginners. If you’re just starting out with a few thousand clicks, then this plan is perfect for you. Personally, it’s the first plan I ever got before moving to Dedicated Web Hosting for better performance as my business grew. Bluehost offers this at a starting fee of $2.95/Month. 

Bluehost VPS Web Hosting

VPS simply means Virtual Private Server which is a more powerful plan than the Shared Web Hosting. And is especially perfect for huge businesses with specific needs and huge traffic. Bluehost offers this at a starting fee of $18.99/Month.

Bluehost WordPress hosting

Just as the name implies, there’s a specific Web Hosting for WordPress lovers. It isn’t the best in terms of functionality but has all the necessary functionality to run an efficient WordPress website. I particularly love this because you get a good WordPress website without having to pay huge sums for other plans. Bluehost offers this at a starting fee of $2.95/Month.

Which Bluehost webhosting plan is right for you?

For a question like this, the answer will be different for everyone. It depends on your specific needs, business and some factors like the resources you need, your budget, and expected traffic.

If your website is having high traffic hits, then you need a managed hosting or vps hosting to keep up with that and save your business from having several down times. 

Lookin at the plans above, VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting plans are the best plans for a high traffic website while WordPress & Shared Web Hosting are great for first-timers and small businesses.

How to pick a Bluehost plan:

Here’s a step by step walkthrough on how to select a plan and purchase your web hosting on Bluehost:

Step 1: Head over to
Step 2: Put in your (available) domain name. 
Step 3: Select your preferred plan. 
Step 4: Uncheck all addons. 
Step 5: Apply your coupon & make your purchase. How to use Bluehost coupon codes. 

Bluehost Coupon Code – Two Years hosting at just $3.95!

You can grab Bluehost basic plan at $4.95/month for one year hosting, $3.95/month for two year hosting plan and 2.95/month for 3 years by using the link below:

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These are the three plans:

Bluhost pricing plans
  1. Basic (Good for just starting or one site)
  2. Plus (Good option to host more than one sites)
  3. Choice Plus (provide some more offers than plus plan)

Extra Tip: If you can afford, I recommend you buy hosting for the long term (2-3 years). It’ll save you a lot of money in a long time.

How to Get the Best Deal on Bluehost Hosting

You can buy a 2 or 3 year hosting plan which will help you to buy amazing WordPress hosting from Bluehost at just $4.95/month or $3.95/month respectively. 

(You will still get one free domain name with every hosting plan).

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Don’t worry, I’ll show you. 

What I do is I simply subscribe to them and keep an eye on their email newsletter for offers, discounts, and coupons. They offer a huge discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals. Also, you can subscribe us.

Thus rather than making my purchase on the first day, I’ll subscribe to their newsletter and what happens is most times, when you leave or abandon your cart, you’ll get a series of emails from them offering one time deals, coupons, and discounts to get you to become a customer. 

It’s so effective and I sometimes cut my fees by up to 70% through this method. 

3. How do I Install WordPress on Bluehost?

Installing WordPress on Bluehost is pretty easy. Here’s how to do that in a few simple steps:

  1. Log into your Bluehost CPanel.
  2. Find the “Website” section and then click on “Install WordPress”.
  3. From the menu select the Domain name you’d use for this very WordPress website and click Next.
  4. Key in your preferred Admin details. 

Installation might take a few minutes. Once done, click My Installs from the top right. Locate the domain install and login.

You can grab Bluehost basic plan at $4.95/month for one year hosting, $3.95/month for two year hosting plan and 2.95/month for 3 years by using the below link:

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These are the three plans:

Bluehost hosting coupons
  1. Basic (Good for just starting or one site)
  2. Plus (Good option to host more than one sites)
  3. Prime (provide some more offers than plus plan)


  • I personally recommend you buy hosting for long term I.e. 2-3 years. It will help you to save more money.
  • If you have or want to host more than one website then you should go with Bluehost Plus Plan. Because this plan offers you unlimited website host option. Means you can host unlimited sites at one webhosting.

You can buy 2 year or 3 year hosting plan which will help you to buy amazing WordPress hosting from Bluehost at just $4.95/month or $3.95/month resp. you will also get one free domain with every hosting plan.

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Bluehost offers everything in their WordPress Hosting solution which you should need to go with WordPress.

Ready to sign up and give Bluehost a 30-day trial? Click here to use our special sign up discount to register. 

What’d you think about this guide?