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Hello, Webmasters!

Dot Com Only is a blog for everyone who wants to live online life. Online life means start your life as a blogger, Freelancer, online marketer etc. to make your livings from the internet. In simple words, learn & earn from the internet instead of 9 AM to 5 PM jobs and live life as the boss of your life. It does not matter that

  • What are you doing?
  • How much you old?
  • What is your profession?

Dot Com Only encourages Support and help to everyone who wants to start their online journey. It is the Moto of Dot Com Only. There is nothing like that it is only for fashion, tech, travel or any other types of blogs. It is for everyone who wants to become an entrepreneur or a webmaster. You can contact me through Contact us page or can mail me at admin@dotcomonly.com or follow us on social media.

On Dot Com Only, you can find tips, tutorials, guides, reviews case studies, deals and much more about blogging, Google Adsense, SEO, SMM, Make Money Online, WordPress, Startups, and all the topics to become a successful webmaster, Digital Marketer or freelancer (from beginners or basics to advanced or professional level).

I’m always trying to provide you real, genuine and 100% working tips and guides to you. That’s why every post or article is a complete guide, on Dot Com Only.

What is the Meaning of DotComOnly?

I choose that name because most websites have the dot com (.com) extension on the internet & everyone knows that the meaning & use of it. In DotComOnly, Dotcom stands for online or internet. So DotComOnly means just live online. It is the aim of Dot Com Only.


Who is Harpreet Munjal?

Harpreet Munjal (I’m) is the man behind DotComOnly. I’m a Blogger by passion & Engineer by qualification. I belong to Punjab, India. I believe in simple living & high thinking.

Dot Com Only about

I’m a Merit listed Mechanical Engineer. I completed my Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Poly. College, Ludhiana. It is one of the top engineering institutes In India. But Now, I’m a Google Partner and a Professional Digital Marketer. But I still remembered the Thermodynamics… 🙂

I was working as a freelancer before started blogging. Then I just know that what the meaning of a blog is. but during freelancing, I was looking many projects for web development and blog installations. Then I start to read about blogging, blogging platforms, monetization, SEO and much more. And after some months I planned to start my own journey as a blogger, so I start more to read and learn about blogging and all things.

When I become confident or sure about that I can do it when I start my online journey as a blogger. In starting I faced some problems but successful every time to overcome them.

But now blogging is my passion. I choose to blog instead of 9 to 5 jobs or traditional methods. Now I am free to do everything, to go anywhere, and at any time. Because now I am the real boss, of my life.

For any question suggestion, You can contact me at munjal@dotcomonly.com or through social media.