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Rank Math Pro Review 2024 + Setup Guide

SEO (search engine optimization) is an awesome & free source […]

Rank Math SEO Plugin Mythemeshop

SEO (search engine optimization) is an awesome & free source to generate more traffic, sales & revenue from a site and also an amazing method to generate Passive income.

But only…

When you know SEO very well and make efforts in the right direction & at the right time. Then SEO works on an 80/20 principle and gives you more sales, traffic & passive income. Then we can say that SEO is the best method to make passive income from your site or blog…

But if you are doing SEO without understanding the basics of SEO & without any SEO strategy or Wrong strategy then it will not work for you. It will only increase & waste your efforts, money, and time but gives no output. And Then we can’t say that SEO is an awesome method to make money from blogs & to generate passive income from your site because it is not working for your site…

But SEO Still remains an awesome part of Digital Marketing…!

Even if you are not getting any results from your SEO efforts.

Actually, SEO is not complex work, it’s a lot of work. We can divide this lot of work into three parts:

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

But we can reduce this work if we work on right SEO strategy and using right SEO tools.

Strong SEO Strategy helps us to plan after analyzing & figure out everything to take the right actions in the right direction.

And SEO tools help us to save our time and efforts by showing data, errors, suggestions, and almost everything which we have need to get results with our efforts. Google also provides many tools that you can use. You can check here; Google’s Free tools for SEO list.

But if you are using WordPress then you have more tools to help you with SEO like as Yoast SEO, All in One, Broken Link Checker, Redirections etc. These are some popular WordPress SEO plugins that you can use on your WordPress Site or Blog. Some of these are paid and some are free.

Plugins like Yoast SEO come in both types free & paid. Free versions have limited features and paid versions are very expensive as compared to their features.

Then you need to use more plugins to add more SEO functionality to your WordPress Site. For example, with the free version of Yoast SEO, you need to use Redirections, Broken Link Checker, analytics, and some more plugins for your site. But it makes your WordPress site heavier & increases page size and also the page load time of that site.

Which is bad for SEO and also for the blogger… 🙁

But if we use paid versions of those plugins then it is a waste of our hard-earned money, according to me…!

We had no other options… in both cases.

But now we have an option that solved my problem which I have with existing SEO Plugins all the way. I found an SEO Plugin which I had been searching for a long time…!

Yes! It is a Rank Math… 🙂

Rank Math is a new SEO Plugin by MythemeShop. If you are using WordPress then you will be heard about MythemeShop. But If you are new and don’t know anything about MythemeShop then I give you a brief Intro to MythemeShop.

MythemeShop is one of the top three WordPress theme & plugins Development Companies and offers High-quality Premium themes and plugins at reliable prices with a more than 400,000 customer base.

Their products are well & clean coded, light weighted & with great features. MythemeShop also offers amazing & fast support to their Customers. I am personally using MythemeShop Products for my Sites and am a satisfied customer of MTS. If you are looking for a new premium theme or want to make your blog more professional and SEO Optimized then I recommend you to check MythemeShop themes once.

Now MythemeShop has developed a Premium SEO Plugin with all the possible features that an SEO plugin must have…

In this guide, I will show you how to Install & set up the Rank Math Plugin How to use Rank Math and also share my Review of the MythemeShop Rank Math Plugin.

First of all, I will share the features and details of Rank Math then I will share my review & experience with Rank Math till the bottom of this post.

Features of Rank Math SEO Plugin

  • Analyze On-Page SEO Factors
  • Spot & fix technical issues in seconds
  • Add Multiple Focus Keywords
  • Complete Control on Google Listing
  • Local SEO
  • In-built rank tracker
  • Choose Rich Snippet Types for every post, and page.
  • In-built Website SEO analyzing tool
  • In-built Search Analytics Data
  • Powerful Internal Linking suggestions
  • Detect & fix broken links
  • 404 redirections
  • Markup Implementation
  • Social Media Knowledge Graph & Editing

And much more…!

Rank Math helps you to make future-proof SEO of your site because it provides you with all types of inbuilt features that you should need to find & fix SEO Related Issues and Optimize your Site for SEO.

There is one more important benefit of using Rank Math on your WordPress Site. You will get all these features without paying a dollar. Yes, Rank Math Is a Free Plugin By MythemeShop.

How to Install & Setup Rank Math on Your Site

First of all, you need to go to and get Rank Math Plugin after creating (or Logging) your Account.

Then Upload that Zip file of Rank Math Plugin to your WordPress Site. And Install & Activate the Rank Math Plugin.

After that, you need to validate your Rank Math Plugin by connecting your SEO Plugin with your Mythemeshop Account. Check Screenshot-

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

Now you have reached Getting Started Here you should click on the Start Wizard Button. In this Step, RankMath Also checks the compatibility of your WordPress site by checking the version of PHP & some other points.

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

In the Start Wizard, the first step is “import”. if you are using any Other SEO Plugin on your WordPress Site Like as- Yoast SEO. Then you should import the settings of that SEO plugin to RankMath. You do not need to do it manually. RankMath gives you the Option to Import Old SEO plugin Settings In Just One Click.

You just have the need to select or deselect the Options that you want to Import or don’t…

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

You are now on Step 2. Here you Should choose the Website type & Logo of your site and some other options.

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

At step 3 you should verify & connect your Google Search Console with your WordPress Site. Follow the Steps as shown in ScreenShot to Connect with Google Search Console-

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

At this step, you can find options for the Sitemap configuration of your site. As shown in the screenshot below-

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

You are now at Step 5; Optimization. Here you can control some SEO Settings and verify & Connect your Site with Search Engines and other Tools. Check Screenshot-

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

Congratulations! Now your Site is Ready with RankMath.

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

Other Features Of Rank Math with Screenshots

There are some Other Feature Settings of RankMath that you can use to Add more SEO functionality to your Site. I also recommend you use these inbuilt features instead of external plugins to reduce the no. of Active Plugins on your site & to Control everything from one Place.

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math SEO Analysis

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

SEO Audit Report

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

RankMath audits a Website and then provides a deep analysis report. That SEO Report has been divided into the following sections:

  • Basic SEO
  • Advanced SEO
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Social SEO

Here is the screenshot of RankMath Search Analytics. you can check your Site Stats Here.

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin
Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

Search Analytics: Keywords Report

Search Console Crawl Errors: Here you can Check all the Crawl Errors detailed list. Check the Screenshot below-

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

On Page Analysis By Rank Math

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

General On Page Analysis

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

Advanced On-Page Analysis Options

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

On Page Rich Snippet Options

Mythemeshop Rank Math SEO Plugin

On Page Social Setting Options

These are some basic settings and configurations to Start With Rank Math. But RankMath Has many features and options to Make Your WordPress blog more SEO Optimized. You can edit the .htaccess file & Robots.txt from your WordPress Site. also some Advanced features like as- Links SEO Settings, Image SEO Settings and much more…!

Rank Math Review: My Personal Experience with Rank Math

MythemeShop is really a one of the best Company. They are known for their best support to their all customers (free & Paid) and always try to provide more quality products to their users As Saw in the Case of their “Coupon” Theme. MythemeShop Increases the functionality of that theme in some days to satisfy their customers and make that theme feature rich.

Rank Math is really the best SEO plugin which gives you complete control over your WordPress SEO Settings and without any cost. It is very easy to install and use as like other SEO plugins.

As you can see in the Above Screenshots that Rank Math Offers you More Control on your WordPress SEO settings and also Inbuilt Analytics & SEO-Audit Tool to help & save your time.

I have personally tested and use Rank Math Plugin on Some of My Sites to know more about the Quality & features of Rank Math. I really satisfied with the Quality & features of Rank Math plugin. Rank Math has all the features which an SEO plugin should have to help to Webmaster.

If you will use Rank Math on your site then you can reduce the list of active installed plugins on your WordPress site. As well as you can analyze your complete site to check & fix the issues which can affect the SEO of your site and can see the analytics data report in your WordPress site. You do not need to go to Google Analytics or Search Analytics.

I believe that Rank Math can Save the time of bloggers and help them to keep focusing on other things that are more important for their Blogging success.

Have you tried Rank Math On your Site? I am Excited to Know your Thoughts About This Amazing Plugin… Share with Me in the Comments!

Also, Share this guide With Your Audience and Help them to choose the Best SEO Plugin…

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  1. Hi Harpreet, Thanks for this great article. Currently I am using Yoast plugin (Paid) on my site but after researching on Rank Math SEO, I thought of trying it once to see whether it helps drive more visitors though search engines or not. I am also a great fan of MyThemeShop Themes and Plugins.

    Expecting for better result by using this plugin (Rank Math SEO)

    Thanks again Harpreet 🙂

    1. Harpreet Munjal

      Hello Krishnendu

      I’m glad you like this Rankmath Review…! Yes, you should Try RankMath Plugin. and I hope it will be useful for your site to rank higher & get more traffic.

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