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SEO Content Writing: Write For People, Optimize for Google

Do you want to learn SEO content writing? then you […]

seo content writing

Do you want to learn SEO content writing? then you are at the right place…!

As you will know Content is the King of the online industry. It is 101% true. Without content, we can’t run an online business or blog. Writing is not a big thing, but writing something well-effectively is a big deal.

Because Writing good content is the biggest challenge for bloggers or online marketers.

That’s why in this post I will clarify the concept of “ how to create SEO Content”. It will help you to understand the concept & structure of high-quality SEO content writing.

“Writing is an art of playing with words”

First of all, I will clarify the concept of what is SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a methodology or technique to optimize your website to achieve higher rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEO helps us to increase site visibility in search engine results and organic (free or genuine) traffic.

But, SEO is the most confusing topic in online business. But it is not difficult to understand. You can easily learn SEO.

What is the need for SEO Content Writing?

Now you write content for these two goals-

  • To engage the audience
  • To solve a problem or share something.

Do you write to achieve these goals with writing?

If you write to achieve these goals then do you write to get a higher ranking in search results?? That is SEO content writing.

We have to need good SEO content writing to —

  • Engage the audience                                    
  • Solve a problem or share something
  • Rank well in search engine results.

SEO Content writing means writing optimized content that will be SEO friendly or help you to achieve higher rankings in search engine results.

How Can You Write SEO Optimized Content?

Fundamentals of well-written content are-

  • Relevancy – it should be related to your website’s niche. For example, if your blog is about travel then you should write on travel-related topics, not about WordPress or blogging.
  • Originality – your content must be original all the way. It means it should provide the original value to users like your experience, a case study, experiments, etc.
  • Well-written: – your content must be well-written. it means;
  1. completely focusing on the topic with examples, case studies, phrases, poetry, etc.
  2. Content must be free from any spell-grammar mistakes.
  3. Easy to understand
  4. Use simple words
  • Infortaining: – it is a combination of two words.

Informative + Entertaining

Your content must be knowledgeful or informative and interesting & entertaining to read.

These factors are the basics of writing good content. With these factors, you can write effective content for your audience or users, but not for search engines. Then what do you need to write SEO-friendly content?

How to write SEO-friendly content?

Do Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important factor in SEO, Before Writing Find & choose keywords to write your content. you can use different tools to find a keyword. Choose evergreen, thematic & branded keywords. Always use Long Tail Keywords for better results in ranking.

There are some keyword finder tools to find keywords-
Long Tail Pro

You can use these tools to find keywords.

Select A Particular Keyword

After finding some keywords, use them to write your Content. Choose a keyword & write content or post that keyword. use that keyword in the Post title, Body, footer & subheadings. but don’t use it too much.

Your keyword density should be near about 1 % with their LSI or relative keywords. Place the keyword in the content naturally. don’t insert it forcefully in your content. Use relative keywords of your targeted or main keywords for better content

Quality of Content

Make sure that you are providing quality content for your users. without quality, you can’t make or grow your audience. your content must be valuable & useful for your readers.

Always use simple words and phrases in your content that are easily understandable to everyone. First, do deep research on your topic & then start writing. Write something useful, and unique that can’t be found anywhere else.

“According to Google, People like Stories more than anything else”.

Content is the king of the online market, remember it always. High-quality content helps you to grow your audience as well as rank higher in Google.

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Word Counting

Always write complete content. it means your content should provide full information about a topic. your content should satisfy the user intent.

but write content useful. to make content longer, don’t use unrelative and unuseful stories in your content.

Content Freshness

It is also an important factor when writing SEO content. because everything is changing in the world daily. from technology to techniques. so you should have the need to be updated about your field & provide fresh content to your users. your content should be fresh in two ways i.e. By Time and By Technology.

Time means freshness of your content by time. Google always prefers fresh content to rank higher.

Technology means freshness of your content through technology updates. for example, if you are writing about WordPress then write about the latest version of WordPress 5.2.

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Final Words

these are some important factors in writing SEO-friendly content. Google always wants quality. so try to give more quality & information to your content.

if you have any other factor or point to write SEO content then share it with us in the comments box. Don’t forget to share this post…!!

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