7 Free Google SEO Tools Are So Famous, But Why?

As we all know that SEO is an important factor to run a website successfully. Without SEO, we can’t get higher or top positions in Google search. To start SEO, we always have needed some tools to check or find keywords & write content, tell about your site to Search Engines, for analyzing to check the results, make your business on the front page etc.

But mostly best SEO tools are paid at very High Charges. So everyone who is just starting now or not financially able can’t buy these expensive tools for SEO. That’s why I make a list of the best free Google SEO tools that are free to use. these all tools are from Google & the best SEO Softwares to use for SEO. Every webmaster should have the need to use these free Google SEO tools.

So In this post, I will explain these tools one by one. Let’s Start…!!!

Top Free Google SEO Tools:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Google Trends
  3. Webmaster Tool by Google
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Mobile-friendly Tester
  6. Page Speed Checker
  7. Google My Business

Google Keyword Planner

free Google seo tools

Google Keyword Planner is one of the best tools to find the scope for a keyword. It is the keyword research tool by google to find the target keywords for your targeted audience. basically, this is an adword’s tool which helps advertisers to start an ad campaign for their target audience. but this tool is very useful for the webmasters to find the best keywords for their content With its LSI keywords.

In the keyword planner, you have needed just to type & search a keyword term and then press Get Ideas. then you can check the best keywords with its LSI. then you have to need to write good quality content on that keyword as well as using its LSI keywords with that targeted keyword.

Google Trends

free Google seo tools

Google trends is a very useful tool to compare the different search terms for traffic with it’s historical, geography and related data.  this tool also provides data about top searches globally and country wise.

this tool is very helpful for webmasters to find or check the data about keywords. because data about a keyword or search term is very useful to choose a keyword for your site or content. by examining data you can check that that keyword is useful for your site or not. for example, if you choose a keyword which has only 10 searches in a month, then there is no advantage to using that keyword for your content.

So choose keyword according to your site’s authority level.

Webmasters Tool by Google

free Google seo tools

This is the most important & useful tool for webmasters. I recommend it to every webmaster. it is the google mechanism to interact with webmasters by taking information about their sites in different ways and giving feedbacks, tips & alerts about the performance of their sites.

In webmaster tool you can find about page indexed in Google, Crawl Errors, Data Structure, AMP, Broken Links, Internal & external links Search Analytics, Manually Penalty actions etc.this tool is very useful to check the performance of your site. this free Google SEO tool tells you everything about your site.

you should have the need to use the Bing webmaster tool to check the performance of your site in Bing.

Google Analytics

free Google seo tools

Google Analytics is the most used tool to measure the performance of your site. This tool helps you to find the data about your search traffic. it shows data about search terms, country, city, browsing channels, bounce rate,  user time, returning & new visitors, conversion rates etc. in simple words,  Google Analytics provides you data related to your site’s traffic.

To start Analytics you have just need to signup for analytics & connect your site with Google analytics.

Page Speed Checker

free Google seo tools

This is also an important tool to check the page speed for your site. In these days Page speed is a big factor for search engine rankings. google wants to provide quality for their users. if your site takes more time than 2 seconds then you have to need to take action about your page speed to reduce load time. you can check your page speed with Google page speed checker

Mobile-Friendly tester

free Google seo tools

you can check that your site is mobile-friendly or not. if you want a higher position in search engine ranking then you should have the need to make your site SEO friendly. in these days mobile users increase day by day so, Google focusing on their mobile users. Google also consider it as a ranking factor in the google search. So make sure that your site is mobile friendly.

Google My Business

free Google seo tools

Google my business is helping you to make your business on the front page of Google when someone types about your business in the google search. for that you have to need to submit your site or business in Google My Business. after submission & verification, your business will be shown on the first page when someone finds it on Google.

These are the free Google SEO tools that will help you to make your site optimized and get more organic traffic. These all tool by Google for webmasters. by using these best free Google SEO tools you can do everything from Keyword research to traffic analysis & make business on the front page.

If you have any questions, suggestions then you can share it in the comments box. Don’t forget to share this post on social media.


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