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    Wordpress vs Which One is Right?

    WordPress is an open-source CMS platform to create websites without any programming skills or knowledge. It is the easiest tool to create a website. Millions of sites use WordPress for their websites. WordPress has great features and 100% customizing, support for sites. But WordPress has two types or version- fully hosted and every version has its own pros-cons, features-limitations etc. But it is difficult to find or choose the right one for you.

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    To clear the confusion Between these two versions of WordPress, I will clear everything about vs in this post. So Let’s start vs vs is the fully hosted version of WordPress owned by Automatic (company). On you can create and host your site, 100% free for lifetime. You have no need to worry or think about hosting, security and backups for your site. but your site’s domain will be a sub-domain. for example. But if you want the custom domain for your site then you have to need to upgrade your plan.

    You have needed just to sign up & choose your blog name & make or customize according to your requirements. Rest of all is on has three plans- Basic, Advanced or Premium, and Business. Every plan has own features and can check them in this image- vs

    Wp basic plan is pocket-friendly but gives less control and business plan gives more control but too much expensive.

    In you have no need to think about hosting security etc. everything Is on WordPress. But there some limitations on like as, uncustomized domain name etc. but if you want some additional features and control on your wp blog then you should have the need to pay for these features. for example, if you want custom domain name then you should have the need to pay some dollars to get your custom & professional domain.

    In basic plan you have less control & customization on your site.

    But if you want to want to get more control and customizing on your site then it becomes more expensive. vs is a self-hosted open-source platform to start a website. It means you should have the need to buy a hosting for your site as well as a domain name. you will host your site on you can choose any company to buy hosting for your site it will cost around $5/month(shared Hosting). And you can get or buy a .com domain name in $10/year. If you want a special domain like .tv & .ceo etc. then it will more expensive.

    In you have 100% control and customization for your site but security, backups, etc. is your responsibility. You will have the need to manage everything for your site. But it has an affordable price. You have to need to pay almost $10 /month for your site with 100% control. You can monetize, sell or anything else on your site. On, you have many options & variety for your site, from Hosting to themes & Plugins to designs. You can choose any hosting company to buy hosting for your site. I recommend Bluehost to buy hosting especially in India. Bluehost is also recommended by

    you will understand how these two versions work & what is the basic difference between them. What is the meaning of self-hosted & fully hosted?

    List of vs Differences

    This is fully hosted. It means there is no need to buy hosting for your site.This is a self-hosted platform. It means you have to need to buy a hosting for your site. will provide Security, backups to your site.Backups & security is on you. They Offer vault press for security & backups
    You can start your site with a free domain name like as,

    But you can upgrade for custom domain

    You need to buy a domain for your site
    Choose theme & customize it according to your requirementsInstall a theme or make your own
    Connect or integrate your site with social mediaUse the jetpack plugin for social media sharing
    Giving support on forums & personal supportThey provide forums support
    Registration is required to start your siteNo registration required
    No maintenance requiredMaintenance is your responsibility
    Limited customization & control100% control & customization
    No e-commerce optione-commerce supported
    Forums are not supportedbbpress & BuddyPress forum are supported
    For single site onlyMultisite capability
    WordPress own your contentYour content is yours
    This is the best option for newbiesThis is the best option for bloggers & serious webmasters

    Which One is Right?

    Both versions of the WordPress has its own pros and cons which we did discuss in this post. It depends upon you that which one is best for you. If you are serious about blogging; want to make money blogging or choosing blogging as a career option then you should go with

    But if you are a just beginner with blogging or start blogging as a hobby without any planning to make money from blogging, then you can use because it is free and you have no need to worry about the security, backups for your site.

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    after this vs differentiating guide, everything is clear. you can choose one according to your requirements.

    but if you have any doubt or question please ask in the comment section and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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