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    Thrive Themes Review

    There are many WordPress Themes and Themes Development companies to buy a premium WordPress theme for your WordPress site. But there are only few WordPress development companies that know how to build conversion focused and SEO friendly WordPress Themes.

    In this post, I’ll review on of them and also, share my experience with Thrive Themes.

    What is Thrive Themes?

    Thrive Themes is a WordPress Theme and plugins developer company that builds conversion-focused WordPress Themes. Their products are designed for conversions. Means, to convert more people into customers, subscribers, etc. so you can get the full potential of your blog or website.

    Thrive Themes Products can be used only on You can’t use their products on any other platform or custom site.

    Thrive Themes Products

    Thrive Themes has many WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins and tools. Here are some of their main and popular WordPress themes and plugins.


    Thrive Themes are light-weighted, clean-coded, SEO-friendly and feature-rich themes.

    Thrive Theme Builder

    Thrive Theme Builder is its latest and powerful WordPress Theme. Actually, It is not a WordPress theme, it is a WordPress Theme Builder. By using Thrive Themes Builder, you can design your website’s each page and each element, as you want. For example, you can change the header design for each page of your WordPress site. As a normal traditional Themes has pre-designed headers, footers and layout style. But with Thrive Themes you can build everything independently as you want.


    Rise Theme is one of most popular themes of Thrive Themes. It has clean, retina hd design that looks it very attractive theme. it can be used on any wordpress site or blog.


    Thrive Themes Ignition theme has almost the same layout as Thrive Themes’ own official site. Ignition Theme is a powerful theme that comes with many powerful features to build a professional WordPress site or Blog that attracts more visitors and customers.


    Thrive Themes Pressive themes is also Thrive Themes’s popular Theme. Pressure comes with various layouts, widgets elements, and features. that makes it one of the best and advanced WordPress themes.

    Thrive Themes Plugins/Tools

    Thrive Leads

    Thrive Leads is an email list builder plugin that helps you to build your email list. Thrive has advanced features and you can create different types of email forms, popups, etc. to collect emails.

    Thrive Artchitect

    Thrive Architect is a landing page builder to create professional, pixel-perfect landing pages for your WordPress site. Thrive Architect is very easy to use and gives you all features and elements to create high-converting Landing Pages.

    Thrive Apprentice

    Thrive Apprentice is a powerful plugin to create courses on your WordPress site. it is very easy to use plugin and has all features that you need to create Courses on on your WordPress site.

    Thrive Optimize

    Thrive Optimize is a tool by Thirve Themes to perform A/B testings on your WordPress site. It works with Thrive Architect and comes in bundle with Thrive architect.

    Thrive Comments

    Thrive Comments is a plugin to add beautiful comments sections on your WordPress site. Thrive comments has advanced features to like upvote, like-dislike, lazy loading of comments and many others. that increase the performance of your site.

    Thrive Ultimatum

    Thrive Ultimatum is a powerful tool to create scarcity for your products by showing countdown timers on your WordPress site. You can boost your website revenue by using countdown timers.

    Thrive Themes also has many other Themes and Plugins that are alos very useful for bloggers and Marketers as well as business sites. In this article, I have named just few and most popular tools of Thrive Themes.


    Thrive Themes has two types pricing options; you can buy a single product or can get Thrive Themes Membership.

    Every single product has different pricing plans. But mostly cost $67, $97, $147 for single site, five sites, and 15 sites licences respectively.

    One the other side, Thrive Themes Membership costs $19/month and $49/month with 25 sites and 50 sites licence respectively. The main advantage of Thrive Themes Membership is that you will get all products of Thrive Themes with Thrive Themes Membership and access to their University to improve your skills.

    If you want to Buy Thrive Themes Products Then I recommend you to buy Thrive Themes Membership because it will cost you just few buck more than purchasing a single product. So in almost the same price you will get their all products.


    Thrive Themes support is very responsive and professional. They do thier best to help you to do something as well as solve your issues. In my case, I got responses from few mintutes to few hours to get a respionse/solution from Thrive Themes Support Team

    My Personal Experience

    I’m using Thrive Themes Products from some last years. I have used their Themes before But their tools I’m using still now. Thrive products are must use plugins for me that I use on my all sites. because while combining all Thrive Themes tools then it gives you the ability to do any anything on your site to get and convert more visitors and customers.

    Their products quality is premium, I never face any compatibiltiy and other issues. I am using Thrive Architect and other tools with third party plugins and themes like Studiopress, Mythemeshop, MonsterInsights Pro, WPForms Pro and many others. They are all working fine for me.

    Why you should Buy Thrive Themes and Why Not?

    If you are serious about the growth of your website or blog then I recommend you to buy Thrive Themes Membership. Because you will get Thrive Themes Builder to create and design your website and webpages as you want..

    As well as you will get tools like Thrive leads to build your emails lists, Thrive Clever Widgets to Increase your websites conversions, Thrive apprenetice to create and sell courses online.

    Most important, You will pay just once and get lifetime updates for each product of Thrive Themes that makes thrive Themes different than others. And a win-win situation for you.

    To tell you Why you should not buy Thrive Themes Products, Honestly, I have nothing to tell you at this time.

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