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Writing For Money: Best Ways To Make Money Writing 2024

Writing is one of the best arts & professions in […]

writing for money

Writing is one of the best arts & professions in the world. Some people improve their writing with hard work but some are god-gifted. The main aim of improving writing is to be a good writer to get a reputation & more earnings. There are many writers who are good at writing but don’t know how to make it a full-time profession and start writing for money.

There are many types of writing according to their job or usage specifications. No matter what you are writing, no matter which country you live in. You can make money online by writing from anywhere and at any time.

Now, the online world has unlimited possibilities to make your dreams a reality. Now you can make money from the internet with your writing skills as well as offline. You can make it your full-time job and a career option for you.

In this article, we will discuss all the ways or methods that you can use to start writing for money. So let’s start!

Different Ways to Start Writing for Money


It is one of the best & quickest ways to make money online or to live an online life. You can start your own blog to share your thoughts & experiences with the world. You have to need to write & publish content on your blog regularly.

Your blog must be related to a topic (niche & micro-niche blog) & publish content related to the topic of the blog. For example, if you start a blog on a fitness niche then always publish content related to fitness.

You can earn money from blogging in different & many different ways. Like as Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Direct sell space, selling products & services, training & coaching, and much more.

But it takes some time to make money from blogging. But there is no limit to how much you can earn from blogging.

There are many platforms that you can use to start your blog like as WordPress, Blogspot, Drupal, and Joomla, etc. some platforms are free & some are paid. Every platform has its own features & limitations. If you are serious about blogging then I will recommend you to start blogging with it will cost you around $ 45-50/year. You can read more about WordPress alternatives to choose the best one for you.

Learn WordPress vs Blogger Full Comparison Guide?
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Freelance Writing

Freelancing means you are free to do work from anywhere & at any time.

These days freelance writing is one of the best ways to make money from writing. There are many sites to find freelancing jobs for you like freelancer, upwork, Fiverr, etc.

You can find every type of writing job. for example, Article Writing, Technical Writing, Academic Writing, Research Writing, Content Writing, Description and reviews Writing, Poetry, Lyrics, E-books Writing, Quotes, Story, Script Writing etc. Read this guide to become a freelance writer and this guide to find the best websites for freelance writing jobs.

You can find projects with a fixed price as well as per hour based. For an article, mostly You will earn $2- $5. Further, depends on your ability & the client’s requirements.

There are thousands of projects in writing. You just need to just find that which one is right for you. You can find long-term or regular projects for yourself.

E-book Writing

E-book writing is a popular way to start writing for money. These days, every blogger & webmaster trying to publish their own e-books to share his/her own thoughts with their users or audience. Or somebody needs for teaching & any other purpose.

There are many jobs in e-book writing. You can find projects online as well as offline. To write an e-book, your English must be fluent & have professional writing skills. Good research is required to make an interesting & informative e-book. There are many sites where you can find e-books writing jobs to make money writing.

Websites that pay

There are many sites that will pay you when they will publish your article on their websites. But for this, you should be an expert in writing. There is no matter how much you are experienced. They want only one thing which is the quality of your writing.

After writing high-quality content send it to the selected website. If they like your article & publish it on their website then you will earn a good amount from your article.

Most of the websites pay $50- $200 per Article. But every website has different niches, popularity, and requirements. You can earn up to $400 per article which is a very good amount from one article for you.

But there is no surety or guarantee that they will select & publish your articles on their sites. Everything depends on the website owners & administrators or the quality of your article.

But if you want to send an article to a site then first read about their conditions & requirements before writing an article to send them. First, be sure about the process then start writing if you like that. Otherwise, no need to write for that site. But remember that your article must be unique & free from any error (grammar & spelling). You can use Grammarly.

There are some websites that pay to writers-

Babble- it is babble written about parenting, pregnancy, beauty, food, etc. it pays $100-150 per article.

Vox first person pays $400/article for 1500 words.

Skirt- The skirt pays $200 per article. This website is about women’s issues.

Income Diary- It pays $50- $200 per article. Income diary is about blogging & online money making.

The daily beast- it pays $250 or more for your posts.

Tuts+ is a tech site. It pays $100 or more for technology tutorials.

Desert Times pays $50- $100 for travel and lifestyle topics.

Note: before applying for these websites, check their guidelines and instructions.

There are some names of websites that pay writers for their content. You can find more websites with the help of Google’s advanced search option.

Self- publish E-books

You can write & publish your own e-books if you have good knowledge about a topic.  You can sell your e-book on many websites like Google books, Kindle, Amazon and much more to make money from them. The popularity and number of sales depend upon your writing skills and topic. But if you are some known or published writer then there are more chances to get success by this method to make money from writings.

You can write a deep research & explained e-book & then start sharing its small summary of main topics by making a sample e-book totally free to engage your audience & new readers with you. If you become successful by this method then it will be helpful to get reputation, money and as well as an audience for you.

But first you have to need to do well research on a topic and after publishing an e-book, promote it by different methods.

Write for Other Writers

There are many writers which have excessive work & they are looking for writers to help them. So you can start work on those writers. It is a good method for new writers to work with experienced writers & take experience.

Contest & Competitions

You can participate in writing contests & competitions to earn money, prizes & fame. It will help you to get popularity as well as money if you will win the contest.

There are many online sites where you can find writing contests to participate. It will also help you to learn new things from other writers & improve your writings as well as make connections with them.

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing is one of the most in-demand & best ways to start writing for money. Every site owner & blogger wants content which shall be SEO SEO-optimized to rank higher in Google searches.

To write an SEO optimized content you should have the need to know the basics of SEO. But if you have knowledge of SEO then you can write SEO-friendly content. SEO content writing is the advanced form of writing that is used to write for people as well as the search engine.

There are very limited writers who can write good SEO-friendly content. But they are more expensive than others. But if you can write SEO-friendly content then you will earn good money from that.

Work with Company & Agency

You can join a writing agency or company to make money from writing. There are many companies which are looking for good writers to write for their company & products.

You can join a writing agency also which provides content to companies & their clients.

Social Media Writer

In these days social media is the best way to make or publish a brand. That’s why everyone wants to use social media. But everyone can’t write content for social media.

If you have the ability to write tweets, and posts for social media then you can start writing for social media. It is also in demand & good earning method.

In social media writing, you need just to write social media posts (tweets, posts, etc.) for your clients. But it should be interesting & according to the targeted audience, niche, geo etc.

Where Find Jobs to Start Writing For Money

There are many opportunities to find writing jobs & work. But you have to need to open your eyes & choose the right projects for you. Choose only those writing projects which you can do well. Because it will help you to get more reputation at the start of your writing career.

You can find writing jobs locally as well as online. There are many websites where you can find writing jobs for you.

Some best websites to find writing jobs are the following there-
  • Freelance Writing Gigs– Freelance Writing Gigs is one of the best sites to find writing jobs. Here you can find different types of writing jobs.
  • Pro blogger- It is one of the most famous blogs about blogging tips. Pro blogger offers a job board on their website which is very famous. Here you can find the best writing jobs for you.
  • Freelance writing- Freelance writing is also a popular name for freelancing writing jobs. Here you can find every type of writing job.
  • Craigslist- it is a classified ads website that is used worldwide. Here you can find jobs for you and direct contact with the company or client.
  • Freelancer- it is the biggest platform to find freelancing jobs of every type. Here you can find every type of writing job on a fixed price or per-hour basis.
  • Upwork- it is the second biggest platform to find freelance writing jobs for you. Upwork is known for its quality so you have to improve your writing to be successful on upwork.
  • Fiverr- Fiverr is also one of the most popular platforms to find freelance writing work. Make your gig offers start on Fiverr.

 These are some best websites to find jobs. But there are websites to find writing work for you. You can use Google advanced search option to find more writing jobs for you.


There is no lack of writing jobs and opportunities. Writing is a limitless field with unlimited scope.

Everything depends on you that how much you good at writing & which topics & techniques you can write?

So you have to need to focus on your writing skills to improve them. Always try to do something new & unique. There is no way of shortcut to be successful in your life.

There is only one way to be successful in the life-

  • Keep eyes & mind open
  • Be positive & Keep patience
  • Always improve yourself & skills

You can start writing for money as a full-time job for you. once you become successful in writing & make a good amount of money from writing then you can do it.

Which are your methods to start writing for money? Tell me in the comments box and Don’t forget to share this post on social media.

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