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Off Page SEO Techniques 2024 To Rank Higher & Drive Traffic

Do you want to know what is Off-page SEO and […]

Off Page SEO Techniques

Do you want to know what is Off-page SEO and how to do it? Here is the Complete Guide to Off-page SEO.

SEO Search Engine Optimization has a great impact on growing a business and website traffic. it is the most misunderstood topic in the online business. Everyone wants to do SEO and become an SEO Expert. But mostly become fail. because SEO is simple, Easy, and complicated at the same time.

It is simple & easy when you understand it properly. but if can’t then it is a complicated topic for you. many concepts & misunderstandings about SEO’s why some freshers become penalized by Google due to unfollowing Google’s Guidelines.

If you know the basics of SEO but don’t know what you exactly need to rank higher in Google then there is a big problem for you. In simple words, which factor/part do you need to improve to get the SEO results?

As I described in my previous posts SEO starts with Quality and Google needs quality & trust to give you top positions on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). We do SEO to improve Quality and trust.

We can divide SEO into two parts-

On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

we already discussed On-page SEO Techniques in the previous Post. In this post, you’ll learn about Off-Page SEO.

So Let’s Start!

Best Off Page SEO techniques

Note: First do On-Page SEO for your website then start Off-Page SEO. There is no meaning of off-page SEO without On-Page optimization.


Blogging is the best method to promote your business. Make a blog for you or your business & publish unique content regularly on the blog. You can write content on How-to’s (related to your business/niche), tutorials, new technologies, etc. it is one of the best methods to engage your audience with your business. There are many platforms to start a blog, Free or paid. following is the list of best platforms to start a blog-

  2. (Self Hosted)
  3. Blogger

these are the best platforms to start a new blog. so now start a blog and build your audience online.

Social Networks

These days Social networking sites are playing an important role in growing a business. you can use social networking sites like Meta, X, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. to grow your business & audience. create your Official pages on Social media sites and join other groups & communities to improve your presence on social media. you have to need to be active on social media to build your audience.

Social presence is one of the big factors to rank higher in Google searches. So encourage your friends, and audience to FOLLOW, LIKE, and SHARE your posts.

Social networks play an important role in ranking higher in Google Search as well as building an audience

Search Engine Submission

you can submit your site to Search Engines like, Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc. to speed up the indexing of your site. Search Engines will find your site automatically. but you can submit it manually. you can check the Indexing of your Site by Typing in the Google search box. if there is nothing to show then you can submit it. otherwise, you have no need.

Directory Submissions

Submit your site in Directories like Dmoz (now Closed), etc. to improve indexing, and get links for your site. choose directories and categories according to your niche for better results. no need to submit your site in each & every directory. submit your site in only High PR & High-Quality Directories.

Some directories offer reciprocal links & paid Services. but I give you a suggestion that there is no need to give money to submit your site & make reciprocal links.

RSS Directory Submissions

Submit your Sites in the RSS Submission directory Sites to get more traffic. Always choose High-quality directories to submit your Site.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another method to get more traffic to your site. Submit your posts on Social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc. be careful about following instructions to submission while submitting your post or pages on these sites.

Forum Posting

Join Discussion Forums/Communities that are related to your niche. You can ask questions, join discussions, and give replies to other’s questions. you can give the link of your post which is related to the question or discussion to get a link.

forum posting helps you to grow your audience, and make links.

Article Submissions

Buy or Write some articles and submit them to article submission sites. this will help you to grow traffic & get deep links.

Link Baiting

Link baiting means if you have used someone other’s content in your post then give the link to that site or page for reference. it will help you to increase link popularity.

Photo Sharing

If you made your own images for your content then you can share them on photo-sharing sites Like as, Flickr, photo bucket etc. people see them & come to your site. but if someone uses them in his post by referencing you then you will get a link.

Video Marketing

Make videos about your niche topics, tutorials, etc. Use these videos in your content and publish or share them on video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. it will help you to get more traffic & rank higher in Google.

Business Listing

Submit your Business details & site to Google My Business to show on the front page of Google when someone is searching for you on Google.

Local Listing

Submit your site to Google Local, Yahoo Local, and Yellow Pages to increase your business visibility in the local region. This will help you to get a higher position in Google search & to get more targeted traffic.

Business Reviews

Ask your clients to give reviews on popular business review sites like RateItAll, etc. about your business.

Classified Submission

Give free Ads on popular classified sites like as, myspace, olx etc. about your business or products/services.

Document Sharing

Share your PDF files and infographics on document-sharing sites. it will help you to grow traffic & get links.

Social Shopping Networks

If you have an E-commerce Store or site, then you can do free branding of your products. Submit your products to Google product search, yahoo online shopping, etc.

Q & A

Give answers to other’s Questions in Yahoo answers etc. You can place your link with your reply. it will help you to increase traffic.

Ad Campaign

you can start your own ad campaigns to promote your business. but these ad campaigns are paid. so use it if you are confident about your Product or services.

These are the best Off-Page SEO techniques. but remember that don’t do Over SEO or black hat SEO. it may be the reason why your site was penalized by Google.

Have you any other Off-page SEO Techniques?? then write in the comment box & share with us. Share this post with your friends on social media.

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  1. I really like looking through a post that can make people think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!|

    1. Harpreet Munjal

      Thanks for your comment.
      you can find more useful articles on Dot Com Only.

    1. Harpreet Munjal

      hello Ashish
      There are many bookmarking sites like as Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, pingodom are the examples of social bookmarking sites.

  2. Thanks for sharing good information about off-page technique.
    I have a question? How many submission can do per day in off-page?

    1. Harpreet Munjal

      Hello @Janaki
      Glad you like this Off page SEO techniques…

      30-35 Directories are enough to submission in one day. directories have very less impact on SEO. so it is better at the beginning of your site. but then keep the focus on good Content & High-Quality Links for your site… you have no need to do only submissions. focus on high-quality natural links to rank higher in Google and other search engines…

  3. Hi Harpreet,
    Great article for them who are not aware of Off-page optimization. Just I wanted to know in ‘Link Baiting’ how many links I can include in my article? How much is accepted by search engines?

    1. Harpreet Munjal

      Hello @Guruprasad
      you can add as much you want…..
      but, write content for people not for search engines. give link to other sites where you are using their content or reference….
      to much external link can distract your visitors also. so see the requirements of your content….

  4. Hi,

    I am not getting traffic on my website. i will do all these off tactics. But website ranked on top 100 in but should i do to get more traffic. can you guide me more about this.

  5. Through your post came to know the other ways to get the backlinks like photo sharing and link baiting.

  6. Nice article on the off page techniques and here also explained about the latest techniques like business listing & link baiting. I too tried these techniques to my website now my website is performing well in internet. Keep postings like this.

  7. “Submit your site in Directories like as Dmoz (now Closed), etc.” if this is close why you have mentioned? I would appreciate if you mentioned some good directories.
    also how to do social bookmarking with digg? can you explain?

    1. Hello @Shillpa,

      Dmoz is the most trustable and popular blog directory. that’s why I mentioned it. but now it is closed. you can find directories lists in google. Reddit, Digg are social bookmarking sites. you have the need to clear that what is the meaning of social bookmarking. submit your URL with Digg to social bookmarking.

  8. Hi Harpreet
    Great Stuff and Effective Off-Page Strategy.
    Directory Submission and RSS Directory Submission is just out-fashioned Off-Page SEO Techniques, not worthful according to me.
    Thank you

    1. Hello @Sumit,

      Yes, RSS and Directory submissions are old techniques but these techniques can help you in the starting of a website.

  9. It’s a amazing blog for a good information. It’s seem that many people reading your blog because you are sharing a wonderful post on your blog. Thanks for sharing useful information.

  10. Thanks for sharing good information about off-page technique.

    Can you please tell me the some website for to do high quality directory

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