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MonsterInsights: Google Analytics Plugin for Woocommerce Ecommerce

Are you looking for the best Google Analytics For Woocommerce or your WordPress E-commerce site? Then This guide is for you, in this guide, we will talk about the best Google …

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MonsterInsights Google Analytics Woocommerce Plugin

Are you looking for the best Google Analytics For Woocommerce or your WordPress E-commerce site? Then This guide is for you, in this guide, we will talk about the best Google Analytics Plugin for your Woocommerce or WordPress E-commerce site.

Every Business Owner or Digital Marketer needs Analytics Data to build a strong strategy to grow an online business. And Google Analytics is the best Analytics tool for that.

Especially, When you are running an e-commerce website then it becomes more important to connect your woocommerce site with Google Analytics to collect the user behavior insights.
But connecting your e-commerce store with Google Analytics is not an easy thing. you need to create Google Analytics account and paste code manually on your site.

and after that, you should also know that, how to use Google Analytics. Actually, there is a small learning curve to use Google Analytics Data.

But If you are using the right Google Analytics Plugin which will provide you most useful Google Analytics Data directly in your WordPress Dashboard then It becomes very easy for you.

And It Can be possible with “Google Analytics Plugin For WordPress By MonsterInsights”

MonsterInsights is the 13th most popular WordPress Plugins with more than 1 Million Active Installs. MonsterInsights is Owned by Syed Balkhi, the Founder Of Wpbeginner and Wpforms.

There are many Google Analytics Plugins (free and Paid) for WordPress But MonsterInsights is far advanced and easy to use than others. Other WordPress Google Analytics Plugins are very limited to use, you can’t get enough data with them. This is the reason that it has more than one million active installs.

Main Things Which I like about monsterinsights are the features, Reports, and User-friendly UI which makes it easy to use and one of the most important plugins for woocommerce site.

it is the best Google Analytics plugin, For A WooCommerce website. Because MonsterInsights is a fully-featured Google Analytics Plugin. With MonsterInsight Plugin, you can track almost anything. which is not possible with other MonsterInsight Alternatives. For example, You can’t track download tracking, Optin Form Submissions with Other Google Analytics Plugins.

But you can track all these and many other things by using only monsterinsights Plugin for your Woocommerce site.

What are the E-commerce features Of MonsterInsights Plugin?

As I told above that MonsterInsights is a Fully-featured Google Analytics Plugin. MonsterInsights Offers Enhanced e-commerce tracking feature, which is more useful than traditional tracking option and provides you more useful data about your customer’s shopping behavior.
Here are the main Woocommerce Features of MonsterInsights:

  • Woocommerce Tracking like Popular product, Average order value, e-commerce conversion rate, etc.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Tracking
  • Membership Tracking
  • Enhanced E-commerce Tracking (to get shopping behavior, Checkout Behavior, Sales Performance, Product List Performance reports)
  • Woocommerce Analytics Data like Conversion Rate, Transactions, revenue, and many more.

How to configure and use MonsterInsights For WooCommerce?

It is Very easy to Setup Monsterinsights for on your Woocommerce store. Anyone even newbie can configure MonsterInsights and can connect Woocommerce store with Google Analytics, in just few clicks.

Step 1: Install and Configure MonsterInsights Pro

First of all, You need to Upload, install and Activate MonsterInsights Pro on your WooCommerce store.

And Activate it with the License Key.

activate MonsterInsights Setup wizard

Then connect it with Google Analytics as we connect with a simple blog/website just by pasting the meta tag.

MonsterInsights connect with google analytics

You should have MonsterInsights Pro Plan Minimum to use its E-commerce features.

Step 2: Activate E-Commerce Addon

Now you should install and activate Monsterinsights E-commerce add on. You can do this just by following these steps; WP Dashboard menu> Insights> Add-ons> E-commerce Addon. Or you can do this from configuration wizard.

monsterinsights ecommerce addon

Step 3: Configure E-Commerce Tracking

After Activating the eCommerce add-on, Now you need to enable e-commerce tracking on your Woocommerce store.

For this, you need to go to the e-commerce settings tab, under MonsterInsights Settings Menu Option.

monsterinsights Ecommerce enhanced tracking

Then enable the enhanced e-commerce feature Button Option. and also enable the Woocommerce feature button. But if you are using Easy digital downloads or memberpress on your Woocommerce store then you should also enable these features tracking.

But before enabling this e-commerce tracking on your e-commerce store, make sure that you have enabled eCommerce Tracking on your Google Analytics account by following these paths.

Go to your Google Analytics Account> Admin> eCommerce settings. Now ON all the Options In E-commerce Settings.

Congratulations! Now your Google Analytics is ready to collect Data from your woocommerce store and MonsterInsights is also configured to track and show Enhanced eCommerce reports to you.

There are many other features of MonsterInsights which you can also use.

What are the Pricing Plans of MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights comes with three pricing plans; Plus, Pro and Agency. All the Plans are Affordable and come with Yearly prices. MonsterInsights also offers a free version but it has very limited features and reports.

Monsterinsight’s Plus plan is useful for new sites or blogs because it has limited features which are useful for a simple site.

But if you are a Small Business, Digital Marketer, Or having E-commerce store on WordPress then You should go with Pro or Agency Plan. Because these both have the features which are useful for ecommerce or businesses to grow rapidly.

Here is the Screenshot of MonsterInsights Pricing Plans:

MonsterInsights Pricing

MonsterInsights Offers 14 Days Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee. Means if you don’t like the MonsterInsights want to refund your money in the 14 days of your purchase then you will get 100% refund from Monsterinsights.

MonsterInsights is offering 50% Discount at this time. If you want to buy monsterinsights plugin o grow your business then it is the best time to buy Monsterinsights. At this Time you can buy Monster Insights at half price.


As you have seen above how much easy to configure and use MonsterInsights on your Woocommerce store and How many features are offering for a woocommerce WordPress site. That’s why I was saying that Monsterinsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for Woocommerce store.

Because monsterinsights has all the features which you need to grow your ecommerce store. and it is very easy to use. That’s why if you want to really grow your woocommerce store then there is only monsterinsights who can help you with this.

It will be your Best Friend to grow your eStore, Trust me 🙂

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