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17 Ways to Make Money Now legally

If you need some Money & want to know how to make money now, Then you are at the right place because in this post you will find the different ways …

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Make Money Now

If you need some Money & want to know how to make money now, Then you are at the right place because in this post you will find the different ways which will help you to make money fast.

There are many methods to make money fast (legally or illegally). But some methods may take some time to give output. But in this post, we will discuss only those methods which will be helpful to you to make money now. So let’s start,

Best Fast Ways to Make Money Now


Freelancing means you can do your work from anywhere and at any time. So it is one of the best ways to make money now online.

You can do almost every type of work as a freelancer like as, development and designing, graphic designing, writing, marketing, data entry, training, coaching, etc. you can easily make money with freelancing. I am recommending you some websites where you can find freelancing jobs for you.

Freelancer: It is the world’s biggest source to find freelance jobs. Here you can find various types of jobs from different categories. You can find jobs or projects according to your skills.

Upwork: It is the world’s second-biggest community or website to find freelancing jobs or projects. Upwork also offers various types of jobs according to skills.

Fiverr: Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms to find freelance jobs. On Fiverr, there is a minimum cost to buy or sell something that is $5. You can’t buy or sell something in less than $5 but can more than $5.

There are many other sites to find freelancing jobs likes as People per Hour, Guru, and much more, there are some freelancing sites according to skills. Like as-

constant content for writing
99 designs, toptal for Development and design.

You can do a search on Google to find more freelancing sites.

Sell Services

If you have any technical or non-technical skills, then you can sell your services. For example,

If you know, How to install WordPress on any hosting. Then you can sell your service to others. You can post on social media, discussion sites or on other platforms.

Or you can design and print t-shirts to sell them online and offline.

Sell Photos

There are many platforms like Shutterstock, istockphoto, etc. where you can sell your photos. No matter that you are a professional photographer or not. They accept all the ordinary clicks (pics). They accept every type of photos indoor, outdoor, illustration, 3d, family, etc.

Take Paid Survey

You can share your views or thoughts about anything by paid surveys. There are many sites like as survey savvy,,, and much more. Where you can find surveys on different topics or products. They will pay you for your contribution. But how much? It depends upon the level, duration and upon other factors. But you can earn good money in a short time.

Driving with Uber

If you have a valid four-wheel driving license with a clean record. Then you can make money as a taxi driver.

Yes! Now there are many cab companies like Uber, Ola cabs, lyft, side car any and much more. You can contact them and become their driver. You have needed only a valid driving license with a clean record and have no need to do anything else

Tutor and Guider

If you have experience and knowledge about anything then you can make money as a tutor, guide or coach. You have the need to share your experience and knowledge with others in exchange for money.

You can do it on any topic like health, study, relationships, house, decoration, etc.

There are many sites which you can use to make money as a tutor or guide like as Fiverr, Freelancer,, varsity tutors, etc.

Virtual Assistant

It is a growing work. In this you have to need to help professionals or clients with anything like as database entry, phone answering etc. you can manage everything from your home. TheVAhandbook is a great source to learn about it.

You can find jobs from many sites like as freelancer, Upwork, simply hired, career builder and much more.


You can make extra money by selling your old stuff. You can resale almost everything or product. There are many sites which you can use to resale your old stuff. Like as olx, eBay, Bonanza, Amazon marketplace, online Auction, TIAS,, Swap, Craigslist and much more.

Rent out your car and stuff

You can give your car on rent to make some extra money. You can do it locally or online via Relayrides, Zilok, and Getaround.

And you can also give your stuff on rent to others to make more money now. You can give any type item on rent like as party equipment, household tools etc. you can take help of Zilok to earn extra money now by rent out.

Sell Baked Goods

You can make some extra money right now. If you have good baking skills. But be sure about the local rule & regulations to make something. If you are lucky then you can make money now with the help of your baking & cooking skills.

Room on Rent

If you have a spare room then you can give it on rent to make some extra money. But be sure about local rules or regulation to give property on rent.

But if you become successful then it will help you to make money now without any hard work.

Street Performance

If you have the ability to entertaining the people with your talent, then you can make money right now. Try to do it in those areas which have great crowd traffic. But Success rate depends on your talent. During your performance make video & upload on YouTube to make extra money…

Sell Hairs

If you have healthy long hair, then you can sell them to make money now. You can earn thousands of dollars from your hair. You can find any local company to sell hair or can sell on online at,, and much more.

Sell Blood

You can sell your blood to make money. You will earn almost $20-$50/donation. But do it only once in 56 days and once in a month for plasma donation. It is recommended by the red-cross.

You can do it for a local organization or big organizations like as- bio life plasma and donate plasma.


It offers some extra income for you. If you are a baby lover and have experience with it. mostly you will earn $10-20/hour. You can find opportunities on craigslist, sitter city, and much more.

Walk Dogs

If you are a dog lover and enjoy the company of dogs then you can also make money from your love. You can make from $8-30/week for a dog. You can advertise on Craigslist, local bounds, etc.


If you have the skill to make things or product with your hands then you make money by selling them to others.


If you have some time to make money then you can start your blog to make money online. Because it is one of the most profitable and secure methods to make money from home.

You have just need to start your blog and publish content on it regularly. You can start a blog about anything which you have knowledge or interest. For example, you can start a blog on interior design, health fitness, sports, tech news, etc. There is no lack of topics to choose for your blog. It will help you to earn money from home or live online life as the boss of your life. In blogging, you can earn money in different ways. Like AdSense, affiliate, etc.

Check This Guide: How To Make Money Blogging

You can start a free blog on Blogspot or But if want to start a blog for money then you have to need to start a self-hosted blog like as on It will cost you around $45-50/year. There are many WordPress alternatives like Squarespace, Weebly, Wix and much more.

You can also sell your services on your blog to make extra money.


There are many methods and ways to make money now. But in this post, I described only those methods, which are legal and actually worked without any risk. You can use these methods to make money right now for you without any risk.

There are lots of work and opportunities. You have to need to find and select right choices for you.

But don’t try to make money fast illegally or wrong ways. Because it can create troubles for you. Do only those jobs which you have complete knowledge and surety that is 100% safe for you.

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