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How to Find Profitable Long Tail Keywords For SEO and PPC?

Long-tail keywords are the key to success in online marketing […]

Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are the key to success in online marketing & Search Engine Optimization.

Keywords are the basics of SEO. You can win the SEO battle if you have the right keywords for your business. Keywords have three types; Short tail keywords, Middle tail keywords, and Long tail keywords.

What are Short Tail Keywords?

These are the one-word keyword phrases. For example-

  • SEO
  • MOZ
  • iPhone
  • Google
  • Laptop
  • Mobiles

Short tail keywords are too much competitive & costly. Most of the big sites like as HuffPost, and Forbes are using these types of keywords. Because these keywords are large volume keywords & they have the budget to handle these types of keywords.

What are Middle Tail Keywords?

These are the two-word phrases keywords. For example;

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Apple iPhone
  • Body workout
  • Drinking water

Middle-tail keywords are also competitive & costly with big volume.

What are Long-tail Keywords & how can I benefit from them? 

These are the four or more word phrase keywords.

Long tail keywords examples-

Long tail keywords are less competitive & costly. Anyone can easily rank for Longtail keywords. Long tail keyword phrases have a higher conversion rate. It means people use long tail keywords to buy something. You can see this search demand curve-

Long Tail Keywords

Almost 70% of searches performed are long tail keywords. Long-word phrases are more conversion-able by nature. Because Long tail key phrases are more specific to a topic.

For example-

When people search to buy something or to solve their problems they search for long phrases. For example-

Anyone who is searching for Bluehost web hosting discount coupon” wants to buy Bluehost web hosting. That’s why he/she is finding a discount coupon.

On the other hand, if someone is searching for “Bluehost” have very low (or no) chances to buy Bluehost web hosting. because People searches for short-tail keywords ( also known as Navigational Keywords) like Adsense, Facebook, PayPal, Bluehost to find & open sites rather than buying something.

That’s why these short-tail keywords have very low or negligible conversion rate and large volume.

But all the long tail keywords are not conversionable. For example;

Keywords like “How to do keyword research” & “best web hosting for WordPress” are long key phrases but informational keywords. It means these keywords have problem-solving intent instead of buying intent. People search them on Google to solve their problems or to know something.

Informational keywords start with how to, when, why, top, and much more.

If visitors are not ready to buy then they will definitely search for informational keywords.

Long Tail Keywords

But if they want to buy something then they will use commercial keywords.

Commercial keywords start with commercial terms (prefixes & suffixes). For example-

  • Buy
  • Deal
  • Discount
  • Coupon
  • Purchase
  • Review
  • Order

You will find the commercial intent keywords as well as information intent keywords in your keyword research.

You should have a need to find the right keywords according to your requirements. If you want to share your knowledge or experience then you have to need to use informational keywords.

But if you want to sell something or offer a deal to your visitors then you should have the need to use Commercial Intent Keywords.

Long Tail Keywords

Select keyword phrases according to your business & keyword intention. Because if you find the right keywords with low volume then they will be more profitable for your business than large search volume keywords.

“Understand your goals, and requirements of your Customers when finding Keywords”

Harpreet Munjal

It may be possible that your Longtail phrases are not ranking on the first page of Google. But long tail keywords are very easy to rank with low cost and effort.  Because long-tail keywords have very low competition. Long tail key phrases are the best option for any business or website.

How to find Longtail Keywords

There is no thumb rule to find the right keywords for your business or website. It depends on your business, niche, audience, etc. but there are some factors to find profitable long key tail phrases-

Your Business Goals- Think about your business. I mean;

  • What are the goals?
  • What are your products/services?
  • Your targeted audience?
  • What can you offer to your customers?
  • How are you different from others?
  • What you do best?

These terms will help you to understand your business goals.

Your Audience- you should have the need to know about your targeted audience. I mean;

  • Which country/city you are targeting?
  • Qualification, Profession and age level of your audience?
  • What can they expect from you?

And other terms like these will help you to understand the level & requirements of your audience.

Keyword nature

Long Tail Keywords

choose the keywords according to their intentions. For example, if you want to share your experience then use informational intent keywords. But if you want to offer any deal to your customers then use commercial intent keywords.


Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords have very low competition but it will be more secure to check the keyword difficulty of a keyword. Always select those keywords that are less competitive & easy to rank.

Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tools

There are many tools to find long-tail keyword phrases. But you have no need to use & check each & every tool because here is the list of some best tools to find Longtail keywords-

Long tail Pro

Long Tail Keywords

Longtailpro is one of the best tools to do long tail keyword research tool. Longtail pro offers many great features to find easy-to-rank long keywords to increase your organic traffic.

Long Tail Pro is a paid tool to find profitable keywords. But Here is the Special Deal for DotComOnly Users. You can get 40% Discount on LongtailPro Tool


Long Tail Keywords

Semrush is one of the best tools to do long keyword research. You just need to enter your seed keyword in semrush. Semrush shows you useful data about your keywords as well as related keyword phrases and match keyword variations.

You can enter your competitor’s domain in semrush to find their organic keywords.

Long Tail Keywords

Semrush offers more than keyword research. It is a paid tool. But you can use it for free for seven days.

Get your free semrush account.


Long Tail Keywords

Ahrefs is an SEO analysis tool. They also offer Ahrefs keyword explorer to find keywords. Ahrefs is very easy to use. You have just need to search your seed keywords. Ahrefs shows you important & advanced data about your keywords with related searches & search suggestions.

You can easily find long tail keywords with Ahrefs. You can filter your keywords by word counting to find more related & easy to rank keywords for your business or website.

Google Suggestions & Related searches

Long Tail Keywords

You can find long key phrases with Google search. Google provides suggestions on search queries. You can use those search suggestions to find long keyword phrases.

Long Tail Keywords

Google changes its suggestions for every word or character which we write or delete from the Google search box. So make some changes to find right keyword phrases.

Long Tail Keywords

When you search for something in Google & scroll the search result page to the bottom then you will find the related searches to your search keyword. You can also use those related searched to find long key keyword phrases.

But finding right keyword phrases check them with a keyword tool to know more about them.


Long Tail Keywords

UberSuggest is a free tool to do long-tail keyword research.

It is very easy to use. Search your seed keyword with UberSuggest and you will get many long-tail keyword ideas. UberSuggest doesn’t show important data about a keyword like as- search volume, keyword difficulty etc.

Long Tail Keywords is a popular tool to find long tail keyword variations. And you can find 750 long tail variations for your keywords. You have just need to search your keyword phrase in the tool. You will find the 750 long tail variations for that keyword.


Long Tail Keywords

Quora is a popular Q&A site. Here you can find discussions about any topic.

People ask their questions on Quora to get an answer. But you can use Quora to find long tail key phrases.

Search a term or query related to your niche you will find different variations & questions for your query.

You can use get some long tail keyword ideas & variations from them.

How to use Long tail Keywords

long tail keywords

Find the long tail keywords are not enough. You have to need to use them effectively in your content or website. I mean, Write SEO-Friendly Content. Here are some tips to use long keywords for SEO.

  • Write your keyword in the title. Your title must define your topic & clickable. But avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Use your keyword & its variations in the H tag headings & Meta description. Use your keywords naturally in the Content of your website.
  • Interlink your web pages with each other. It will help you to improve the bounce rate & user experience of your site as well as rank high in Google.

And Don’t Forget to do On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO.

There is no doubt that long tail keyword research is the best option to get success in online marketing.

First, understand your business goals then you can easily find right keywords for your business or website.

Long tail phrases are very easy to rank. Adding more words in long tail phrase means lower down its competition & more specify its topic.

If you want to get success in online business then find profitable long tail keywords for yourself.

What do you think about this long tail keyword guide? And what do you think about long tail keywords? Tell me in the comments box……..!

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  1. Great Stuff and Helpful for me. How to use them you clear it to me in your post. Thank you for sharing the useful information about long tail keywords and you also clear the confusion between short tail, medium tail, and long tail keywords.

  2. Hi Harpreet,
    Perfectly describes how to use long tail keywords and also why to use long tail keywords. I think Google is the best tool to find out the long tail keywords because it’s given on the basis of the user’s experience.
    Thank you!

    1. Harpreet Munjal

      Hello @Ashutosh,
      I’m glad you like this guide.
      Yes, Google is one of the best tools to find Long tail keywords. but after choosing Longtail Keywords check them with a tool like SemRush…..
      Thanks for your Comment…..!!

  3. Girdhari Singh

    Hello Harpreet ,
    This post showes that you have hands on experience of keywords research.

    The way you explain keywords research it’s really good.
    Yes, I agree with you that we need to use proper long Tai keywords as per our target audience.

    One thing I want to add that for branding we can use traffic driven keywords.

  4. Hey Harpreet,
    You are doing a great work, your articles are awsome. Wish you best of luck 🙂

  5. Yup, Long Tail Pro and Google Keyword Planner are the best Keyword Research Tools out there.
    Don’t know why people are so obsessed about and Keyword Discovery, people keep asking for these only in interviews and discussions.

  6. Sir you are doing great work.
    The only question i have to ask is
    ahrefs and kwfinder are showing totally different results for some long tail kwords so what should we consider true?

  7. Really so helpful for me. I have started my blog but was not able to understand long tell keywords. Now concept has been cleared. Thanks

  8. It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I am satisfied that you just shared this helpful long tail keyword update with us.Please stay up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  9. It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I am satisfied that you just shared this helpful long tail keyword update with us.Please stay up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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