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How to Index a Website in Google Search in 9 Hours [Case Study + Guide]

Every blogger or webmaster wants more organic traffic on the […]

index website in google search

Every blogger or webmaster wants more organic traffic on the website through Search Engine Optimization. Because organic traffic is free of cost and high-quality traffic. The top 3 organic results get more than 60% traffic for that keyword in the Google search results. And only 1st result gets almost 35% clicks.

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But it is not possible if your website does not show up in Google search results. If Google doesn’t know & find your site then how Google can rank your website in search results?

That’s why your website must be indexed by Google.

In this guide, I shall share some useful information that will help you to index your website instantly in Google & make your website visible in search engines quickly.

Google indexing is a big challenge. Especially when you have a new site. I recently launched a new website; in the Hindi language. It was a big challenge to index this new website in Google in 24 hours. But with a proper strategy, I became successful in indexing it in just 9 Hours.

You can try the following instructions for faster Google indexation of a new site. But before that, you should clear the concept of Google Indexing.

What is Website Indexing?

It is the process of adding new websites & web pages in the Google search. It depends upon the Meta tag which you have used on that web page. I mean “Index” or “no-index”. Google will index that page if you have used the “Index” tag otherwise not.

Every search engines have robots which are known as “bots” or “spider”. Spiders have one job; crawl the web.

Spiders are always looking & finding new web pages or websites as well as updated web pages. After finding a new web page or website, the spider starts to know about that page from its content, Metadata, etc. and saves that page in the Google database.

Is My Website Indexed In Google? How I Can CHECK…..!

You can check your website in Google to know whether your website is indexed in Google or not.
You need to use the “site:” prefix with your domain name and search it in Google search. Prefix “Site:” has been used when we want to search a website with Google. Check this screenshot to know more:

index a website

You will find the results for your website as you are looking in the screenshot.
But if there are no results for your site then it will look like that:

index a website

And it means your website is not indexed in Google. You just need to follow this guide.

Here is the complete strategy that I used to index my new website in Google in 9 hours only. You can follow it to index your website in Google within a few hours.

Complete Guide to Indexing a Website in Google Instantly

Google’s indexing rate depends upon that when Google finds your website URL on the web. That’s why you have to need to use popular sites to increase the chances of indexation for your new website in a short time. These external sites will help the crawler reach & come to your site.
But first, do all on-site settings (like permalink structure, etc.) for your website then start work on this….!

After installing WordPress, I customized WordPress settings & did WordPress SEO settings then I started to do the following steps:

Setup Google Webmaster Console

This is the free tool which is offered by Google to interact with webmasters. You should also set up a Google Webmaster Console account.
After signing up with Google Console, verify your website with the webmaster console. You have to need to verify both versions (with www & without www) of your site with Google Webmaster Console. Then choose the preferred version of your domain that you want to use.
You should also set up a Bing webmaster tool & Yandex webmaster tool account for your website.

Setup Google Analytics Account

Create a Google Analytics Account for your new website. Then connect it to your website. If you are using WordPress then you can use a Google Analytics plugin to connect your website with Google Analytics. But you can also connect it by using Editor, and Cpanel.

Submit a Sitemap

Create a sitemap and submit it in the Google webmaster console. Sitemap helps to Google crawlers to easily find & crawl your website.
If you are on WordPress then you can use the Rank Math SEO plugin or any other plugins to generate a sitemap for your website.
You should have the need to submit your sitemap to Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and other popular search engines.

Submit a website to Google

You can also submit your website directly to Google. You just need to submit your website URL to Google instead of registering a website with Google.

You can submit your website to Bing and other popular search engines. You can do it manually or take the help of a free tool like

Use Social Media

Create Social media accounts on all the major social sites for your new website and give the URL of your website in your social media accounts. You can also share the URL of your new website on social media.
It will help Google to find your website and index it in a very short time.


Alexa is a very popular site and Google crawls it several times a day. That’s why you can also take advantage of the popularity of Alexa.
You can search your new website with Alexa to check the popularity rank of your site. By doing this, your website will be added to the Alexa database and when Google re-crawls the Alexa then your website is also crawled by Google.

Analysis sites

There are many sites to analyze page speed, SEO, Traffic, Worth, Mobile-friendliness, whois data, and much more. Websites like as- GTmetrix, Pingdom, Google page speed checker, Google Mobile friendly tester, smallseotools, and much more are very popular and high-quality sites.
Check your website on these websites. And when Google will re-crawl these sites then your site will automatically crawl with them.

I had used only these methods as well as some On-page SEO Optimization to index my website in just 9 hours.

But there are some other methods which will help you to index your site within few hours.

Blog Commenting

It is a popular method to get backlinks. But you can use it to index your website.
You have to need to comment on popular blogs by using the link if your new website. It will help you get backlinks for your new website as well as in the indexing of new website.

IMT Website Submitter tool

You can use IMT website submitter tool to increase the speed of website indexing process. You have the need to add your website URL, keyword then press submit button. IMT submitter tool will submit your website to many stats & analyzing sites.

Social Bookmarking

Normally, Social bookmarking is used as Off-page SEO Techniques. But you can use it to increase the rate of Google indexing.
There are many social bookmarking sites like as- Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Stumble Upon etc.

Ping Services

It is another way to notify the Google & other search engines about your website existence. You can use Pingomatic & Pingler tool for ping services. These are free tools.
WordPress has ping option by default. But you can do it manually with those tools.

Fetch as Google

You can use this option from Google Webmaster Console. You can fetch your website homepage URL in Google webmaster console. Then your website will take some minutes to some hours to index in Google.

If you want to fetch your homepage in Google console then leave the typing box empty. But if you want to fetch a web page in Google then enter the only post URL (URL which is coming after the name URL of your website) in the typing box.

Use Robots.txt

Robots.txt is used to give some strict commands to search engines. We give commands to search engine in two ways; “Allow” & “Disallow”. With allow command, we give permission to search engine to crawl and index. But with “disallow” command, we tell to search engine that doesn’t crawl and index that web page.

Every page on your website has no need to crawl & index. Like as- your admin access page. But if you have not a robot.txt file for your website then search engine crawl & index all the webpages of your website.

Setup RSS Feed

RSS is a feed of a website which automatically updates when you publish a new content on your website. Your visitors can subscribe to your website feed. RSS Feed will help you to increase your site readership as well as indexing if your new site.


I hope you get useful data about website indexation from this guide.

These all are the best & genuine methods to index your website within 24 hours. Use only popular sites to increase the website indexing rate. Also use social media, especially Google plus and twitter to share your website URL.

What do you think about this website indexing guide? And which techniques or methods you use to index your new website in Google? Share with me in the comments box…!
Also, share this guide on social media.

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  1. Hi Harpreet – I’ve used most of the tactics you list in your article and have also had great success with quick indexing because of it. A couple I might add include creating a Google My Business account and completing your profile to include your website link. In addition, creating a profile w/link on a few review sites sick as Yelp, Manta, Angie’s List and others are also good tactics. These sites are all crawled quickly and often speeding up the indexing process and usually come with a good back link. Thanks for the great article!

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