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7 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Website Traffic in 2024

Blogging is one of the most profitable ways to make […]

increase blog traffic

Blogging is one of the most profitable ways to make passive money online. However, there are a few challenges that every blogger has to face regardless of his niche. 

Traffic coming from organic SEO techniques is the most critical factor contributing to blog success, but many factors are associated with this. 

So, if you are looking for techniques that can help you grow your blog traffic, you are in the right place. 

In this post, we will discuss some ‘Proven Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic’. Moreover, we will analyze the effectiveness of each technique with the help of case studies.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2024?

So, here the top 7 proven ways to increase traffic to your blog in 2024. All you have to do is give this article a good read and bookmark it to come back when you start implementing the methods we discussed here.

Create Powerful Content 

One of your blog’s most valuable assets is ‘Quality Content’, and it cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, many newbie bloggers make this terrible mistake of not realizing it’s importance.  If you consistently provide quality content to your audience and search engine, you may lead the top positions. However, you have to consider certain factors for it. 

In Google’s Search Quality Evaluators Guidelines, it is mentioned that site owners must have quality content on all pages, including the home page. It clearly shows that Google values those who provide value to google’s audience and search engine.   

Relevant & Provides Value

Write quality content that is relevant and provides value to your audience. Your content should resonate with your audience’s search intent. We always talk about keywords, but the truth is any keyword optimization won’t help if your content does not provide value to your target audience. 

Good content not only improves your brand value but also increases your ranking in search engines. By writing good engaging content, the total time that your audience spends on your website page will increase, and the bounce rate will decrease. It will, in turn, show a positive sign to search engines and help in higher ranking. 

Optimized with LSI Keywords.

Google works on how its users search for a specific query. It shows great potential in utilizing all those terms in your content. Suppose you are just starting a blog and writing about a topic that can be searched on the search engine by multiple terms. For example, let’s say I searched for coffee and blood pressure, and at the bottom of the page, I got the following searches related to coffee and blood pressure.

These search terms are LSI Keywords. 

LSI keywords in your content make it more valuable and increase its relevance to the main topic. In this way, search engine bots will discover the significance of the content to the main topic resulting in better visibility on the search engine. 

As Neil Patel has mentioned,

Optimize Content for Featured Snippets

It is called a Featured Snippet. 

As Featured Snippet has the top position on the search engine, that’s why a traditional visitor is more likely to visit it. Thus, it increases search visibility and, ultimately, search volume.

Here is what the Alexa blog says about the Impact of Featured snippets on the Search Volume.

So, if you focus on creating quality content and optimizing Featured snippets, you will more likely have tons of organic search traffic.   

Use Lead Magnets or Downloadable Assets

Lead Magnet is a valuable asset that allows you to redirect your audience to your website. It can be anything that your audience can download: a cheatsheet, infographic, Case Study, Report, or even the PDF version of your blog. 

You can use them to increase your blog traffic or convert your visitor into a customer. 

According to RC Bryan, Lead Magnets help businesses change their 75% of traffic into successful leads with lead magnets. 

It shows the effectiveness of Lead Magnets clearly. Depending on your goals, you can use Lead Magnets to make the process easier for you. 

For example, if you want to create a big email list, set up a lead magnet in exchange for an email address. This way, you can get a massive email list to reach out to your potential blog readers by their email address. It will help you get more traffic with higher potential.   

Content Repurposing 

Content Repurposing is a way to use your well-performing content differently. An additional frame of reference to something already of high quality makes it easier to grab your audience’s attention. Thus, it makes it easier to drive more traffic without much effort.

For example, Brain Dean used one of the old posts of his blog to make a YouTube Video Guide and got drastically amazing results. He didn’t even create the content from scratch and got the best results. Here is what he says about it. 

Here is another fantastic insight from one of Neil Patel’s active readers about the impact of Content Repurposing on Search Traffic. 

Content Syndication

Content Syndication is another type of using your old content to drive more traffic. However, in this case, you don’t have to reuse the content. It will be done and shared by third-party websites. So, the original content can get exposure to a new audience and ultimately boost organic traffic. 

Revamp Old Under-Performing Content

Revamping the old or lousy performing content of your site is another great idea to increase your blog’s traffic. 

There is a competition in the search engines. Every blogger tends to produce quality content of updated or latest techniques to give a WOW moment to search engines and your readers. In this scenario, the old content of your site will behave as stale bread on breakfast. 

Search Engine loves fresh content. Thus, following a well-defined and schematic, revamping strategy will increase the blog’s traffic.

The Content Factory has used this strategy to maximize the traffic of their website and their clients. Here are the results they get by revamping the old content. Increase Blog Traffic

Improve User Experience

User Experience is the second most leading factor defining the performance of your site on search engines.

Various factors impact user experience, two of which new bloggers often forget are making blog mobile friendly and improving website speed.

Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly.

Mobile devices are the most used and easily accessible devices used by almost 62% of your total search volume.

If your website isn’t optimized for excellent working on mobile devices, you will be at risk of losing your traffic. Using a mobile-friendly theme is a good start to improve your website search engine ranking.

Improve Loading Speed.

The average time your site needs to get loaded on the user’s end is the Site Loading Speed. It defines the likelihood of maximum time spent by the reader on your website. 

Countless factors are contributing to the overall site speed. However, it is noticed that websites that deliver content in front of the audience faster than others are more likely to get higher traffic. 

This speed game isn’t new in the market of SEO. It is one of the oldest factors that determine your website’s quality and user experience standards. Here is what Search Engine Land says about the effect of Mobile-Friendly websites on Search Traffic. 

Moz did detailed research on the site loading speed and search rankings. They found that 

Based on their result, it is clear that specifying a slot for making your fast loading in your SEO strategy worth a shot. You can expect massive traffic coming to your site.

Make Social Sharing Easy

Social Sharing is simply an option for your readers to share the web content on other social networks with their communities. OR it includes sharing your content on social media on your own to reach out to more audiences. It increases the likelihood of reaching out to the target audience directly with the help of your readers. 

Garrett Moon, in a blog on, has described the hypothetical potential of using social sharing. 

Reaching out to new audiences on social media helps you in getting known by your target audience. Moreover, if you reshare content on social media after a period of time, you will be more likely to get amazing results than before. Let’s have a look at an example.  

This shows the increase in traffic you get on social media by repeatedly sharing your content in intervals. However, you have to follow a strategy for it to bring great results.

  1. Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy 

Using a well planned social media marketing strategy is great. However, to remain effective, the strategy needs timely modification. 

Modification in your Social Media Marketing Strategy based on the previous tested data is what makes you unique from others. Regardless of the niche you are working in;, you have a different audience, different metrics to measure your success and different tools to use. So your Social Media Marketing Strategy should be other and personalized depending on your previous work’s outcomes. 

Here are the results of an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy.

The graph clearly shows the engagement of your audience over different social media marketing channels. 

  • Post Viral Content on Social Media

According to Statistica’s estimate, around 77% of the U.S. population has a social media profile. They use social media to keep themselves updated about the current trends and viral news. 

This data shows great potential in publishing viral content on social platforms to reach vast audience. Moreover, if the content is super amazing, you will be more likely to get backlinks from other bloggers. 

Here is an example. 

QuickSprout focused on creating quality Infographics that are hardly resistible. On the social sharing of those infographics, here is what they get. 

  • Create Curiosity Before Content Publishing. 

One of the great tips I learned is driving traffic by creating hype before the content gets online. 

For example, you are planning to write a research-based article on a topic and ask for the comments of leading entrepreneurs and experienced individuals on it. 

Once they say something about it or allow you to publish that valuable comment on the blog, you can use it to create hype. Prior sharing of the Screenshot of that comment will give your readers a WOW moment. They will wait for something amazing from your side. 

Moreover, they will be more likely to share it on social media with their peers. It means making curious new audiences as well. 

So, on the final day, when your content comes to Google, they will immediately go and visit the page. Ultimately, you will have higher blog search traffic and social traffic as well.

Here is an example from Rafiqul Islam, a growing Content Marketer. 

He was trying this technique, and here is what he said about it. 

Work on Link Building

Link Building is a great technique to build authority and increase your blog Traffic. It isn’t a new technique, however. You have to use updated techniques depending on the current trends. 

There are two different ways of getting links to your blog. 

Blogging Outreach

Blogging Outreach is reaching out to other bloggers to make them write about you, your blog topic, or your work. 

This way, they will use anything from your side to make their own content super amazing. Ultimately you will get a link directed to your blog. 

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is simply posting your own written, unique content on someone else’s blog. It could be easy or challenging, depending upon the techniques you use. 

Both of these Link Building techniques are effective in driving traffic to your blog. 

Here is a case study by Nat Eliason. He increased his blog’s traffic from ZERO to 10K per month using effective SEO techniques and focusing on Guest Blogging.

Improve Branding

In blogging, sometimes writing great content is not enough. You have to work smartly on attracting new traffic to your blog. 

For this, you have to focus on the branding of your blog. It will help you in getting exposed to your targeted audience easily.

Attend Webinars as a Guest

One of the most effective techniques for increasing your brand’s awareness is attending webinars as a guest. 

For example, if someone is going to host a webinar related to your field of expertise, you can attend it as a guest and provide value to the audience. It will embark a remarkable impact on their minds, for they will surely visit your blog to find value. 

Here is what Neil Patel says about his success with webinars.


Appear on Podcasts

Appearing on podcasts is the same as attending a webinar as a guest. 

You can join a leading or growing podcast as a guest related to your experience and your blog’s niche. Once you start sharing insights that resonate with your audience and the new audience in front of you, you will be more likely to get higher traffic. 

Create a Solid YouTube Profile

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It has a higher potential of growth over time as users want more ease. 

Thus, there is a higher potential of increasing your blog traffic by creating a solid YouTube Channel. 

Embed Videos Link In Relevant Content.

One of the best techniques for using YouTube for your blog’s growth is simply embedding your videos’ link in the content page. 

Creating engaging videos will make your audience stay longer on your page (good for SEO) and build trust and relationships. 

It will create a preview, and your audience will be able to switch on the video from your content. 

This way, you can also use your top-performing content to drive traffic on your YouTube Channel. Ultimately, you will be able to drive valuable traffic on your every new content that will be higher than before. 

Share Content Link in YT’s Description. 

Here is the reverse method. 

In this, you can use your well-performing YouTube Channel to bring traffic to your blog. 

Create amazing videos on a broad topic and make a content cluster. You can use only a single form of the content, or you can use both. 

Wrap Up

Getting good organic and targeted traffic is the holy grail of blogging. 

There are tons of many other ways to increase your blog traffic. So if you ask, what is the best method to increase blog traffic? 
The best answer would be to increase your blog visibility. It includes a blend of writing good content, on-page SEO writing, promoting your content, and creating brand awareness.

About Author:
Ruchika Gupta is a content writer and founder of Eyanki Media where she shares tips relating to starting a side hustle and staying positive. She is passionate about digital marketing and SEO who likes to explore and learn new things to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. You can also follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.