How to Get Google Adsense Approval for Blog or Website

Google AdSense is one of the best methods and the biggest platform to monetize your blog or a website by contextual ads. because it offers the highest click-through-rates (CTR) for a site or a web page.

It is 98% better from it’s every alternative. That’s why every blogger or site owner wants to monetize his/her site with Google AdSense but most of them failed because Google AdSense has some strict rules to approve your application. That’s why it looks difficult to get Google AdSense approval, but as we know that everything is possible.

First of all, when I was applied to get Google AdSense approval, it was rejected by Google AdSense. because my blog was empty (without any post). In the beginning, I had opened several blogs on several platforms mainly on Blogger and (to try new things before using on the main blog). Because I want to understand that how it (everything in blogging) works??  I’m always excited to know about what happens next?? And after learning in detail about that, I re-applied for Google AdSense account and got an Adsense approved account in just two days.

Adsense has made some changes to their Adsense Approval Policy. Now You have to need to Get Approval for your Each Site separately to Place ads on that site. Even if you already have a Fully approved Adsense Account.

You can’t place ads on any site from your existed Adsense Account without getting approval for that site.

With my experience with Google Adsense, I have found some terms or factors which play the important role to get Google AdSense approval. I will share with you all factors one by one in this post.

Eligibility to Google AdSense Approval–

  • According to Google, you can’t get Google AdSense approval without a website or blog. You must have a website to apply for Google AdSense
  • If you are individual(person) then you are at least 18 years old. But if you are under 18 then you can take help from your parents to apply for Google AdSense.
  • Your site will be according to Google AdSense policies. It means user-friendly, easy to navigate, responsive, genuine, but not be spam or something black hat.
  • Your site should be active from 6 months in some specific regions due to easily check the quality of the site. It is clear from the last line that Google wants quality on your site. If you have a genuine and good quality site, then you can get Google AdSense approval before six months. Many Indian bloggers got approval in some days with some posts. Can you imagine it?

Make sure that you are eligible to get Google AdSense approval

Important Factors to Get Google AdSense Approval—


Your content should be unique, well written and free from any error (grammatical or spelling errors). But most importantly your content should be unique, not be plagiarized.

It should be useful for the users it means content should be informative in detail (minimum 800-1000 words) and easily understandable. According to Google, you must have sufficient content on every page of your site.

Learn how to write High-Quality SEO-friendly Content?

Content is the most important in the blogging, SEO and Google AdSense approval. More the quality of your content, more the chances to get Google AdSense approval.

Visitor of your blog or traffic of your blog does not matter in Google AdSense approval. You can get AdSense approval with ten visitors, but Google does not give any tolerance in quality of content.

So First make sure that you have unique, well-written, high-quality content

You must have sufficient content

Most of the reason to get disapproval for AdSense account is insufficient content. There is no any official declaration about, how many numbers of posts you need? But I will recommend to you that you should have at least 20-30 posts and 4-5 posts in every category of your site before applying to AdSense.

google adsense approval

Make Search Engine Friendly

You should have needed to optimize your content with Meta tags, description, and Meta titles. The Meta tags are used by crawler bots to understand that what the content about is?

It means crawling bot reads the Meta tags to know that your content is about which topic?? So, make sure that you have used correct tags with specific information

But, your Meta title should not be longer than 69 characters with spaces and Meta descriptions should not be longer than 156 characters (with spaces).

Learn How to Do SEO?   On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

Apply with the root domain

Try to apply for root domain to get Google AdSense approval
For example – is a root domain (prefer it) is not a root domain. it is a Sub-domain…

You can buy a Domain in just one dollar from or

Be Serious to Choose Media

Google AdSense will not approve your application if you are using copyrighted content or media on your blog or site. Copyrighted means you do copy something from another directory, sites without any permission of the owner of that content/media or something. Most of the bloggers or site owners get disapproval due to the copyright law of AdSense.

So before use, any image, content, video or something else check for its copyright. Google images(Advanced search)  are the best option to find copyright free images.

An Excellent Design & Structure

The first impression is the last impression remember it when designing your blog or site. Every part of your site must be well designed and good navigation structure. Read these 11 Tips to create an Affordable Website design.

Also, make sure that your site should not be blocked by Google.


Adsense is one of the main sources of income for Google, So Google never makes it hard to get Google Adsense approval. It does not mean that Google will approve Adsense application of everyone without quality.
Google AdSense approval is not a big issue if we do everything genuinely or professionally. But don’t try to be over smart with Google. Google is always looking for quality; if your site has the quality then you will definitely get Google AdSense approval.

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Please ask your questions or share your experiences and suggestions in the Comment section. But if you like this post then share it on social media and help others to get AdSense account.

But if you want to monetize your YouTube Channel with Adsense then read this guide about How to monetize youtube with Adsense (Complete Guide) on DotComOnly. or  Check best Adsense Alternatives.

All the best..!!!


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