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How To Become A Freelance Writer In 7 Days

Being a freelance writer means you can make money online […]

how to become a freelancer writer

Being a freelance writer means you can make money online by helping businesses with your content writing skills from anywhere and at any time. You are the real boss of your life.

You can become a freelance writer even if you are new or fresher in writing and can become a full-time freelance writer as well as part-time. It depends upon you and your success as a writer. In freelance writing, your success directly depends upon the quality of your writing work. If you are a master or experienced in writing then it will help you to get more jobs for you. But if you are new then you have to need to prove yourself as a writer.

Mostly freelance writers face one problem; finding freelance writing jobs for themselves. It is the one main problem, especially when you are new because then you have no idea about where to start or how to find the right jobs.

In this post, we will discuss all the factors and terms that will help you understand how to become a freelance writer and start your freelance writing career successfully. So let’s start!

How to Become a freelance writer in 2024

Be a Good Writer

First of all, you have to need to take the first step & improve your writing. Be sure that you can write, without any errors (spelling and grammatical). If you can write without any error then start work on some advanced writing techniques to improve your writing. But if you find errors in your writing then improve your writing skills to overcome all the errors. You have to need to learn the basics of the language & its grammar.

Practice can make perfect. It is 101% true. Always try to improve your skills and become a good writer.

Writing is the art of playing with words. So you will be able to understand which word is useful and where to use it in the writing. Because there are many synonyms of a single word. So it depends on you to choose which one will be best for you and your writing. For example, technical names and terms are different from normal terms. So you have to need to choose or use technical names and terms in technical writings.

But your writing language will be very easy or simple. Anyone can understand your written content. In simple words, you have to write error-free, interesting, informative and easy to understandable (in simple language) content. If your content follows these points then you can say that you are a good writer.

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Launch Your Portfolio

Write some high-quality samples for yourself & make a writing portfolio for yourself. Your portfolio will help you to show your expertise in writing to your clients and you have no need to write samples for every time for every new client. There are many ways to make a free portfolio for you.

You can also write for magazines, newspapers, blogs & sites to get more popularity and experience. Describe it in your portfolio. It will help you to make a good impression on your clients and trust you.

Decide What You Can Write

Writing has many types. For example, poetry, lyrics, novels, books, stories, descriptions, blogs, articles, and much more. And no one can write all the types effectively. So you also need to know about your writing capabilities& decide what you can do write. Because it will help you to get more success in your writing career. Without knowing that you can’t become successful.

First decide, what you can write. It means what type of writing you can write.

For example, if can write good poetry then you should have the need to become a poet, not a story writer. Because you have the ability to write good poetry than stories. Choose only those types and that you can write easily and effectively.

Good Communication Skills

Your communication skills must be excellent as well as your writing skills. There are always more chances to get more projects or jobs, with good communication skills.

Self-confidence is the base of good communication. So always keep confidence in yourself and communicate with clients in a professional and genuine way. Your clients must be comfortable with you for positive results. so always try to make them comfortable with you. It will help you to get more success, audience, and trust for yourself.


Discipline is the base of a successful and happy life. Without discipline, you can’t do anything on time and properly.

In freelance writing or jobs, you are the real boss of your life and time. So you have to need to manage it and balance your life & work. Use more time how much you can do.

Be regular, self-disciplined, and dedicated to your job. Follow your schedule without any compromise. For example, if you have planned to work 4 hours every day from 9 am to 1 pm then follow it. Don’t keep or collect work in the pending list.

Set Goals & Looking for Opportunities

Always find opportunities for yourself. Find jobs where you can (offline and online)

you can find writing jobs or projects locally in newspapers, organizations, agencies, companies, etc. You can also find jobs on the Internet. Check online job boards for writing jobs. You can make contact with Bloggers, Creators, companies, etc. to find opportunities.

There are many platforms for Freelancers where you can find jobs for yourself. So you have many options to start your freelance writing career or get your first job. You have needed just to open your eyes and mind. There is no lack of opportunities for writing jobs. You have needed just to find them and choose the right one for you.

Always work on those jobs, in which you have expertise. Choose only that topics& types of writing that you can write well (at the start of your career).

Complete in Deadline

Always try to complete your job in a deadline. Time and commitment have an important role in professional life

You can learn how to become a freelance writer but not the discipline and commitment. The success of how to become a freelance writer depends upon discipline and commitment as well as skills. In simple words, commitment and management are the base structure of how to become a freelance writer.  So, always try to provide work in the deadline to submit your clients.

Active in Communities

Join and be active in communities. It will help you to find more clients and jobs as well as to connect with other writers and the audience.

You can engage with your audience or readers on social media. Find groups and communities on social media & on other sites and join them. Many groups have useful resources for writing jobs and skills.

Always Learn and Improve

Always try to learn and improve your skills and yourself. It will be helpful for you to find out more about your skills and yourself. In a result of this, a better person with higher performance. So opportunities are also increasing.

How to Become A Freelance Writer & Where Can I Start And Find Jobs?

There are many ways and sources where you can start writing for money. There are many sites where you can find writing jobs for you. You can also find websites that are only for writers like Constant Content. There are many sites that will pay to you when they will publish your article on their website. Here is the list of some best platforms to find freelance writing jobs-

Freelance Websites

Freelancer– it is the biggest platform to find freelancing writing jobs for you. You can find almost every type of freelancing job on freelancer.

Upwork- it is the second-biggest freelancing website to find freelance jobs. It is known for quality as well as the quantity of work. Upwork also offers every type of freelancing job.

Fiverr- it is also one of the biggest platforms for freelancers. You will earn a minimum $5 for your work on Fiverr. It means $5 is the minimum price at Fiverr.

People per Hour- it is also a freelancing website that provides jobs on all major categories of freelancing jobs.

ifreelance- ifreelance is also a freelance website. You can also find your freelance writing job on ifreelance.

There are many freelancing websites on the internet to find writing jobs for you. Like as, guru, Worknhire, welocalize, simply hired, and much more.

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Freelancing Sites for Writers Only

Constant content- It is a premium marketplace to buy articles or content. You can start writing on constant content if you are a good writer. Because it is a premium marketplace and has strict rules & regulations.

Writerbay- It is also a freelance writing platform to find freelance writing jobs for you. It is one of the best platforms for new writers.

Freelance writing- Freelance writing is one of the popular platforms to find freelance writing jobs for you. Here you can find the different type of writing jobs for you.

Freelance writing gigs- Freelance writing gigs are also one of the best platforms to find freelance writing jobs. Here you can find almost every type of writing jobs.

You can find more freelancing websites on like as There are lots of websites which are only for freelance writers.

Job Boards

Pro blogger- It is one of the famous blogs on blogging. Every blogger knows to Problogger. Problogger has a job board on their website which is one of the hottest job boards to find freelancing & writing jobs.

Copy press- It is a reputed website in design& copywriting. Copy press has a job board on their website where you can find writing jobs as well as web development jobs. jobs- is the most popular and self-hosted platform to start your blog or website. You can start a personal blog on as well as a highly professional website. It is the first choice for webmasters to start their blogs or sites. But you can find jobs for you on Check their job board to find a job for you.

Blogging pro- It is also a popular blog on blogging. Pro blogging provides tips & tutorials on blogging. They also offer a job board on their site. You can check it to find freelance writing jobs for you.

There are many job boards on the internet to find freelance writing jobs. You can find more options or job boards with the help of Google advanced search.

Websites That Pay

There are many websites like as- income diary, the daily beast, Tuts+, skirt and much more. Which pays to writers when they publish their (writer’s) content on the website. But for this, your writing skills must be excellent. Every website has different rules & regulations about this. So read their instructions before sending your article to a website.

You can also find jobs in your locality. You can contact with newspapers, publishers, organizations etc.

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As we all know nothing is impossible. You can do everything in your life. You need to be ready for the opportunities. There is no lack of writing jobs but you need to find them.

If you follow this guide then you can become a freelancer in just seven days. Everything depends upon you and your skills. You can become a full-time Freelance writer or part-time. There is no limit of work and earnings which you can get as a freelance writer. But be active and regular, and always find opportunities. You will definitely get success.

What are your opinions about how to become a freelance writer? Tell me in the comments box and Don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media.

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