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Hostgator is a highly reputable and reliable web hosting company in the world.  They provide high-quality hosting & services at a reliable price. Some years before they started Hostgator India with four Indian data centers. It will helpful for Indian webmasters if India is their targeted country.

Hostgator India offers different types of hosting, plans, and servers to their Indian customers. You can see in this picture-

hostgator india

Why Hostgator India?

Hostgator has 4 GPX data centers in India. So it will help webmasters to load their sites 30X faster.

With Hostgator India, you can buy the web hosting with local currency and payments gateways like as Paytm. But with Hostgator com, you have to need to pay in $ Dollars.

Hostgator India provides local language support.

45 days money back guarantee.

99.9% Uptime and 24/7/365 days support to their customers via call, chat, and email.

Hostgator India Hosting & Plans

Hostgator India offers different types of hosting & hosting plans; like as- Hostgator shared hosting, Hostgator VPS server, Hostgator cloud hosting, Hostgator WordPress hosting, and dedicated servers to their customers. offers three plans for all types of hosting like as Here is the screenshot of Linux shared web hosting of Hostgator-

hostgator india

It is the most reliable hosting for small to medium level websites. And having almost same cost with If you want to make your site on then you can do it with one click. You can easily install your WordPress with Hostgator and make your site in 15 minutes.

Hostgator also offers optimized hosting for WordPress. Here is the screenshot of WordPress optimized hosting plans-

hostgator india

This was the introduction to Hostgator India and their different types of hosting and their plans. Now I will discuss the quality of their services and products.

I was bought Hostgator India’s shared web hosting some months before and now I’m sharing my experience about Hostgator India. So let’s start!

Hostgator India Review

Some months before I bought a shared hosting business plan from Hostgator India to host my website. And setup my WordPress site on it.

I found two main problems with Hostgator India-

Uptime- Hostgator India gives the guarantee about 99.9% uptime. But the situation is different in reality. The server remains down several times during a single week. You can say that site lives down more time than running time.

hostgator india

This is the biggest problem with Hostgator India. Many bloggers and webmasters also faced the same problem. Hostgator support had no solid answer about their server down problems. They said that it happens sometimes.

Support- Hostgator India says that they have trained staff which provides 24/7/365 days support to their customers in the local language. It is true that they have the staff to assist their customers in local language support but not trained.

hostgator india

Hostgator offers very poor support. If you will make a call to Hostgator customer care to ask your query or for any issue then there are chances that they will not come back to discuss once they keep your call on hold to check the problems. There is only 30-40% chance to come back & tell you that what is the problem?

Hostgator India offers support like as mobile network customer care support. As mobile network’s customer care’s have only 3-4 permanent answers for any problem: like as- switch off and on your phone, remove battery & keep switch off up to one minute. Hostgator India support also has some permanent answers to every problem like as- use another browser, use another Internet connection, use another PC etc. Hostgator India support staff has no proper knowledge about Cpanel Softwares.

Some webmasters said that Hostgator India provides previously used hosting to them without resetting the DNS. It means Hostgator India had their previous customer on the same IP and they didn’t reset the DNS before reissuing to a new customer.

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Hostgator India has almost same cost as Hostgator com. But there is too much difference between the Quality of Hostgator India and Hostgator US (

I personally don’t recommend it to anyone and strongly say NO to Hostgator India to buy a hosting for you. I recommend over Hostgator India.

But if you want to buy a hosting from Hostgator India then click here.

How was your experience with Hostgator India? And according to you which is the best web hosting in India? Share with us in comments box………!!!

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