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SEO Case Study 2024: 35 to 100,000 in Less than a Month

SEO is really an amazing technique… More traffic, customers, Sales, […]

Google SEO Case Study

SEO is really an amazing technique…

More traffic, customers, Sales, and Revenue without paying anything. But it all happens when you actually know your stuff.

SEO works at 80/20 principle but when you work in the right direction with the right strategy.

Today, I have a Latest SEO Case Study for you to show an example of how this 80/20 principle works in SEO and How a Right SEO Strategy Can decrease your efforts and boost your traffic.

In This SEO case study, I will share how we plan an SEO Strategy for a site and Increase its Organic traffic from 35 organic users per day to almost 100,000+ Organic Traffic per month (6594.44% increase in Organic Traffic) in less than one Month.

SEO Case Study Google Webmaster Analytics
Google Webmaster Console Search Analytics Screenshot

Steps of our Strategy:

We Focus on Quality rather than Quantity to build an SEO strategy According to our Requirements and Targets then modify it from time to time.

Choose keywords with the Highest Volume and lowest Competition. We choose keywords with a minimum of 10,000 volumes and a maximum of more than 500,000 volumes. We focus on short and medium Tail Keywords than Long- Tail Keywords. Because we want to reduce our Content Efforts & increase SEO Traffic.

Our Goal:

We Just looking for more traffic on the blog and want to monetize with Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

First of all, I will give you an Overview of that Site:

It was a new blog less than 6 months old with a highly competitive niche. One of my friends started this blog and I helped him from day one to build an unbeatable Strategy for this. It was a Blog So We focused on increasing traffic rapidly.

We use to Create a Blog and use a Premium Quality SEO Optimized Theme from MythemeShop & Yoast SEO Plugin (free) for SEO on Blog.

We use,

  • Fluid Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized, Ultra-Light Theme
  • Page-Load Time Under 2 Seconds.
  • Premium Shared Webhosting
  • Secure with HTTPS

We have Full Control Over everything on the blog and Optimized our WordPress Blog for SEO by making some basic changes or Settings.

We just wanted Traffic for Our Blog that’s why we find all the niche-related sites and analyzed with Ahrefs to Find Opportunities.

Keyword Strategy

As I told you in every SEO Guide SEO depends on the Keywords. Right Keywords can boost your SEO Traffic and Wrong Keywords can Increase your Efforts.

So I invested some time in finding the best Keywords that can be easily ranked but have Higher Volume. Ahrefs helps us a lot to do that.

We just searched other Sites’ URLs & Ahrefs shows all the keywords of that site. By Using Ahrefs Filters, We Found the Gold that we were finding.

like this:

SEO case study ahrefs keywords explorer screenshot

We use Ahrefs Site Explorer & Keyword Explorer to find and analyze the keywords And Google Search to see the live results & data to do confirm.

We focused on Short-Medium Tail Keywords because these types of keywords have Higher Volumes and Competition. But Not All the Short-Medium Tail Keywords have higher Competition. We found those keywords that were less competitive and had chances to rank easily.

Content Strategy

My Friend wrote all the Content for his Blog. He wrote almost 25 blog posts with an 800-1000 word average per blog post. But the Content was High-quality & SEO Optimized.

We tried to make useful content. For this, we analyzed all the related results on Google SERP and try to beat them with more quality. To increase the Crawling of the blog we tried to publish a minimum one post daily.

 There is always a difference between High-quality detailed guide & lengthy Content. There is no guarantee that 2000+ words content will always rank on Google 1st page.

SEO Strategy

SEO strategy has been planned according to the Keywords, Site & Niche Competition. If you’re doing everything with complete planning then it becomes easier to figure out the working steps of a strong strategy.

As I told you before we use Higher Volume Keywords for our blog. We also optimized our blog for every aspect of SEO. But the blog niche has a good Competition level. That’s why we further analyzed our Site to plan an awesome SEO Strategy for our blog that will help us boost our rankings. After analyzing our own blog, we analyzed our competitor’s Sites and their Backlink profiles to overtake the competition.

  • And built a simple but effective strategy for our blog and just focus on Quality: Quality in site Design and Structure,
  • Quality in Content,
  • Quality in SEO & Links

because we had the need to get Authority & trust in the eyes of Google as well as for our audience. That’s why we focus on High-Quality Efforts and Techniques.

Then started work on that…

First of all, we started to work to improve our On-Page SEO and make some changes to the Title, Meta Description, etc. where we can improve SEO. Also, make sure that everything is alright In Google Webmaster Console. There were no issues or Errors in our blog.

I always remembered that,

Google Shows Popular, Google doesn’t make popular

We built a strategy around this concept…

Google will rank if you are a well-known or someone than No one. It means you need some trust to rank easily in Google SERP. And Backlinks are the best way to shows to Google that you are trustworthy or someone. Then we just do that.

We started Backlinking by following our Competitor’s backlink profiles. But some of their Backlinks were low-quality links so we avoided those links and tried to get better links. Their low-quality backlinks remain a plus point for us. I personally try to keep our backlink profile clean & with higher Quality.

We use some of the best high authority sites to get backlinks like Wikipedia, and Wikihow and become successful in getting backlinks from these sites (we use very relative pages of these sites to get backlinks for our blog content).

Wikipedia and Wikihow are No-follow sites But having the highest authority and Help us to get authority and trust in Google’s eyes.

No-follow Links Cant provide Link-juice but can Help you to get trust and authority for your site to rank Higher. As well as Keep your backlink profile natural.

These high authority links helped us to boost our Traffic and our keywords started to rank on Google. We hit the Google Top 2 for 100,000+ volumes keyword and Top 5 for the keyword with 300k+ volume and ranked on many related & other keywords with more than 50000 & 10,000 volume/month.

Almost 150+ keywords started to rank on Google’s Top 10. From them

35+ in Top 3,

140+ in the Top 10

It’s all happened in less than one month. Because we are ranking on high volume keywords & also at higher positions (not on 9th or 10th positions) that’s why our traffic boost rapidly. And we hit 100,000+ in that month.

ahrefs keywords explorer screenshot

We increased almost 6594.44% Organic traffic for our blog in just less than a month.

Before that, we did not focus on social media to promote our content. We just focus on increasing organic traffic because it is a long-term source of traffic for a site.


We really did nothing special or secret to achieve this target and just focus on Quality.

We choose the Right Keywords

Write High-quality content

Build a strong SEO strategy

Get High-Quality Links

Seo is easy when you do it the right way with the right keywords & SEO strategy. We didn’t buy any link or pay any cent to rank our site and get 100,000+ organic traffic per month.

We also offer SEO Services and you can take advantage of our SEO services. Get a Free consultation now and grow your traffic, customers, revenue, and ROI.

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    Very informative SEO case study. SEO is very important to rank your site in search engines and also helps you to drive huge organic traffic. You have shared some great and helpful insights here.

  2. This is really an awesome case study. Starting a blog and bringing traffic is the most challenging thing, but you made it so clear. Thanks for sharing this useful guide.

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