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How to Add A Google Analytics Stats Dashboard on WordPress

Do you want to set up Google Analytics stats dashboard into a WordPress site? then this guide is for you! In this Guide, I will teach you how you can set …

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Add Analytics Stats in Wordpress

Do you want to set up Google Analytics stats dashboard into a WordPress site? then this guide is for you!

In this Guide, I will teach you how you can set up Google Analytics Dashboard into your WordPress site so you can see your Google Analytics reports inside your WordPress Dashboard.

Why Add A WordPress Analytics Dashboard?

Google Analytics is the most popular service to track your website users behavior and to know about your website traffic. Google Analytics is owned by Google. Anyone who wants to use Google Analytics connects it with the site by adding code on his website.

But it could be difficult to set up Google Analytics Properly if you’re not a Google Analytics Experts. Maybe you haven’t connected Analytics properly with the site or something wrong with the tracking & configuration of Analytics and in the result of that, you will get wrong analytical data in your Google Analytics reports.

And it is also time-consuming and frustrating to open another site to check your Google Analytics reports.

The third reason is that there are many different types of reports in Google Analytics. most of the these are unrequired for most of the bloggers or site owners. but it can be confusing for a newbie or site owner who is not expert in Google Analytics. They can puzzle with too much data and reports and can miss the actual important reports which they really need.

That’s why it is always a better option to add a Google Analytics Dashboard inside your WordPress Site. I’m expert in Google Analytics but I have added Google Analytics dashboard into my sites. because it makes it easier for me to check Analytical data on regular so I can know the behavior of my audience is much better and can track the traffic of my site much better.

How to Add A Google Analytics Dashboard In WordPress?

We need a plugin like Analytify or MonsterInsights to Add Google Analytics Dashboard into WordPress Site. MonsterInsights is the best & Premium Google Analytics plugin with many advanced features that don’t have in other Google Analytics Plugins.

This is the reason that I’m preferring MonsterInsights over other alternatives. I am using MonsterInsights on all my WordPress sites and believe me it is really the best plugin to grow your website. You can read this detailed MonsterInsights review if you want to know more about MonsterInsights in detail.

Here the easy steps to Add stats dashboard in WordPress:

Step 1: Install & Activate MonsterInsights Plugin

First of all, go to and download MonsterInsights Plugin file.

Then Upload MonsterInsights Plugin to your WordPress Site by following these steps; WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> Upload.

After Installing the plugin activate the MonsterInsights plugin.

Step 2: Activate MonsterInsights

Once the MonsterInsights Plugin activated on your WordPress Site. There will be an Insights menu in your WordPress dashboard menu. Now go to Insights >> Settings.

activate MonsterInsights license key

Here you need to enter to MonsterInsights License Key to activate MonsterInsights plugin for your site. You can find your MonsterInsights License key in your MonsterInsights account on MonsterInsights website.

Step 3: Connect MonsterInsights With Google Analytics

Now you need to connect Google Analytics with MonsterInsights.

Go to the Insights >> Settings and click on the connect MonsterInsights Button.

connect MonsterInsights

Now you will be redirected to the Google accounts. You need to signup with that Google Account which you have used to create Google Analytics Account for that site.

Once you signed in to Google Account, It will ask you granted access for MonsterInsights Plugin. Simply click on the Allow button.

Now select the right website profile and click on the Complete Authentication Button.

Congratulations! you have completed the Setup. Now you can See Analytics Reports In your WordPress Site.

How to View Google Analytics Reports In WordPress?

There are two ways to see Google Analytics Reports into your WordPress site;

  1. WordPress Dashboard
  2. MonsterInsights Insight

1. WordPress Dashboard

You can See MonsterInsights reports on your WordPress dashboard (*/wp-admin/. Here you can find MonsterInsights Google Analytics widget. Here you can find all the important analytical data reports and metrics.

Wordpress dashboard MonsterInsights widget

You can see this widget reports in full-screen mode. You need to click on the Full-screen mode button that is right after the days switching tab in the top right corner of the widget.

2. MonsterInsights Insights

If you want more detailed and advanced analytical reports then it is the right place in your WordPress site. you need to go to Insights >> Reports.

MonsterInsights custom reports

It is the MonsterInsights custom dashboard where you can find much more detailed and advanced reports.

Final Words

It is very easy to add Google Analytics into the WordPress site. As you see above, anyone can set up Analytics in just a few clicks with MonsterInsights plugin without any coding knowledge.

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