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20 Best Websites To Find Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

Many people want to start a career as a freelance […]

freelance writing jobs Best Websites To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Many people want to start a career as a freelance writer to make money online. But they don’t know how & where they can start. That’s why I am writing this post for beginners to guide them about how they can get Freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Because when you are new or fresher, then it is more difficult to find a writing job. But if you try continually & with the right attitude, you can find your job very soon.

Learn How to start writing for money.

However, I saw many freelance writers who have been waiting or trying for their first job for more than six months. And fail every time to get their first job. Even some writers don’t know how they can start or where to find writing jobs.

So in this post, we will discuss everything in detail that will help to find Freelance writing jobs for beginners. So let’s start!

List of websites to find Freelance writing jobs for beginners-

Freelancer is one of the most popular platforms for finding freelance jobs. On freelancer, you can find any type of writing jobs for you like as, Copywriting, article writing, blog writing, poetry, e-books, stories- novels, description writing, technical writing, academic writing and much more. Learn How to Write SEO friendly Content?

There are lots of projects for writing jobs. You have to need just find & choose the right projects for you. After choosing your projects, place bids on them & write a description for your bid. In the bid description, write about your skills, experience, and why the client chose you. It will help you to get that job.

Before starting blogging, I was working as a freelancer. Then I got my first writing job at the first time. It was an academic writing job. That was my first online earning of $40.  It was a master-level project, having four questions of biology master level. I also had no more knowledge about biology. But I became successful in completing it & earned $40 in 2-3 hours.


Upwork is also one of the most popular platforms to find Freelance jobs online. You can find almost all types of writing jobs on Upwork. Upwork is not only for freelance writers. It is for every Freelancer because Upwork provides jobs of various types and skills.

Upwork offers free tests to check the skill level. If you want to increase trust & chances to get jobs then you have the need to clear that tests. But it is not required or compulsory. You can find projects with pass the test.


Fiverr is one of the most trusted and widely used platforms by the freelance community. It also provides almost every type of Freelancing job. The difference between Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr is the minimum fixed price and the way to use it. It has a minimum fixed price that is $5.
On Fiverr, you have to need to make gigs for your clients. If someone likes your gig then they will order you for their work.

It is widely used by many top-level companies to hire freelancers for their work. Fiverr is one of the best places to find Freelance writing jobs for beginners.


People per Hour is also a freelance platform. It also provides many types of jobs like IT, development, designing, marketing, writing, and much more. People per Hour is also free to join and use. You have to need just make your account on People per Hour & complete your profile then you can start to find jobs for yourself. People per hour is a growing platform, So there are more options to find writing jobs for you.


Guru is one of the most growing platforms for Freelancers. Now Guru has more than 1.5 million users around the world. You can imagine the growth level of the Guru. Guru is also a reputable Freelancing platform to find Freelance projects or jobs from home.

Project 4 Hire

Project 4 Hire is not a new company for the freelance community. It is one of the best Freelancing websites with all the major categories of Freelancing jobs. It helps companies to find and hire Web designers, programmers, specialists, Writers, virtual assistants, etc. You can find free writing jobs for you on Project 4 Hire. Project 4 Hire is also offering an affiliate program that helps people to earn extra money.

Freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing jobs is one of the most popular freelance writing blogs that helps Writers improve their writing skills and find new opportunities. It has a job board to help freelance writers to find jobs. For freelance writers, an email alert option is also provided by freelance writing jobs.


It is a popular classified site. Craigslist offers a job category related to writing and editing jobs, Where Writers can find jobs. These jobs are always posted by companies. In project details, you can find the eligibility criteria and how to apply or contact with company- client.
If you like any offer on Craigslist then you can contact the client, for the project.

Writer bay

Writer Bay is also a Freelance platform to find writing jobs for writers. On Writer Bay, you have to need just to sign up with Writer Bay and complete your profile. It is totally free to use. You can earn up to $20 per page, which is a good amount for new writers.


Worknhire is also a popular platform for finding Freelance writing jobs. It offers different types of freelance jobs with various skills. Here you can find IT development jobs, Writing jobs, Marketing jobs, and much more.

It is an established platform to find Freelance writing jobs for beginners. On Worknhire, you can find different types of writing jobs for you. It is also free to use. You have to need just to sign up with Worknhire & follow their guidelines.

Constant Content

Constant Content is a premium marketplace to buy articles and content. It is only for genuine freelance writers. Because it is a high-quality and premium website. That’s why Writers are charging more dollars. Constant content also has a strict process and rules. But it is a large marketplace with high quality and good demand.

Problogger Jobs

Problogger is one of the most popular platforms to learn blogging tips. Every Blogger knows about Problogger.

You can find tips & guides, reviews, etc. about blogging tools and methods. It is a very useful place for new webmasters to learn about blogging, making money online, SEO, writing, etc. Problogger offers a job board that is widely used by freelance writers to find jobs. It is one of the most popular and hottest job boards to find writing jobs.

Blogging pro-jobs

Blogging Pro is also a famous blog that provides blogging tips and guides. They also offer a job board where Writers can find jobs.

CopyPress job board

It is a popular and reputable website in copywriting and design field. Copy Press is also offering a job board on its website to provide opportunities to freelance writers. They also provide jobs for designers, programmers, etc., on their job portal.

Media Bistro Jobs

it is a job site for online professionals. They offer a variety of opportunities in Freelancing jobs of various types. Freelance writers can check media bistros to find jobs for them.

LinkedIn jobs

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media websites as well as a business networking website. Its main aim is business networking i.e. keep professionals in touch with each other.
LinkedIn offers a job section where you can search, find & apply for jobs from LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, you will find offers from big companies. Here you can find Freelance writing jobs for beginners as well as experienced writers.

Create a blog or Niche website

you can start a blog. You can use it in two ways-

First; you can use it to find jobs for you. Now you are thinking how?
The answer is that you can write or give offers about your writing services on your blog. If any reader or company that is looking for writers may find and hire you.

And another way is to start blogging as a professional blogger. If you are a good writer then you can write your own blog and build your audience. Then you can start to make money from blogging in different ways like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling products and services, etc.

If you will become successful in Blogging then you have no need to do any other part-time or full-time job. Then you can run your blog from home and live online life as a real boss of your life.

There are many options to start your blog like WordPress or other WordPress alternatives. You can start with a free blog and after some experience; migrate to the self-hosted platform like I personally recommend to every serious Blogger.

Learn vs full comparison guide

learn Blogger vs full comparison guide

There are many websites to help you with blogging like as- DotComOnly, and much more. You can find thousands of resources for blogging, from blog installation to Advanced SEO.

Tips To Start & Find Freelancing Writing Jobs For Beginners-

  • Always place a bid as soon as possible on a project.
  • Always try to bid on new or fresh projects. Or you can wait some time for new projects. Keep eyes on screen notifications or in the notification menu to find the latest projects for you.
  • Find projects with minimum bids.
  • Place Bid with suitable price or minimum.
  • Choose projects category carefully to easily start.
  • Don’t place bids on those projects which have already lots of bids. It is waste of time. But you can do it after some experience and reviews.

In Freelance jobs, it is difficult to get a message or response (as an invitation for discussion) in the start but I am always successful in getting the invitation for 4 projects out of 5. Before bidding I select projects to bid on. But now I’m not working as a freelancer But you can do like this now…..:)

If you follow these tips, then I am 100% sure that you can get your first job, in just some time or hours. Because I have worked with this strategy.  First choose projects, if you think or find that you can get that project then place bids on that project.


these are not all the opportunities to find writing jobs that you have read in this article this is a very small part of the opportunities. I write them because these all are best platforms and widely used to find good quality writing jobs.

Writing is a field with unlimited possibilities & scope. There is no lack of jobs or work. But how much you can get?  Depends on your capabilities.

In the starting, you have to need to prove yourself. Once you do it then you will get the constant flow of work & money for you.  Follow this guide and tips, you will get your first Freelance jobs for you.
There are unlimited opportunities to start as a freelance writer. You have to need just to open your eyes and mind to find & catch them. Nothing is impossible if you have the ability to do that.

Have you any other platforms or tips to find Freelancing Writing Job For Beginners? Tell me in the comments box and don’t forget to share  This 15 Best Websites To Find Freelancing Writing Job For Beginners Guide on social media.

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