How to Get Free SSL Certificate for Your Website

In these days, Every Big Company like as Google wants to make & provide a secured Internet environment to their users.  That’s why things are changing at a very high speed. Now both Google & User want to browse trusted sites which are secured & with legal information.

If you are a blogger then it is more important for you to provide a secure environment for your users and they can trust on your site & Google too… (Site Security is also a major ranking factor)

But How you can make your Website more secure?

Using SSL. Yes, You can Provide a secure environment for your Audience by using SSL Certificate.

What is SSL & How it Works?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL establishes secured & Encrypted link-connections between the web server and Browser. SSL certificated creates a secured-encrypted layer around the connections between server to a browser to provide a safe & secure environment for the user & Keep safe & Confidential their data.

How I Can Tell If A Site Has SSL

You can check SSL For a Site by checking its URL. If a site URL begins with https:// than HTTP:// it means that site has installed SSL Certificate. In https:// “s” stands for “Secure” and it will show only when a site has SSL Certificate.

If you are a Blogger or site owner and not using SSL for your blog or site then you’re leaving your traffic for your competitors. Because https:// is a Google Ranking Factor as well as a basic requirement of a Website or blog. That’s why You should also Use SSL For your site especially if you have an E-store.

How I can Get Free SSL for My Site?

You can Get a Free SSL Certificate from open-source platforms like as Let’s Encrypt. But you have to need to get help from a developer for this. Because it could be some complex if your site hosting does not have any resources for that.

But there is a Good news for you.

There are Some Premium Quality & Reliable hosting provider companies which are providing free SSL to their Users. and you can install SSL for your Site or blog in just some clicks.

Here is the list of the Webhostings which are offering Free SSL:

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