Top 5 Financial Hacks for New Entrepreneurs

The ultimate goal for any entrepreneurship is to generate good revenue (read profit), establish itself in the fiercely competitive business world, and upscale and manifold your business.

You must know that all these are quite possible but that requires proper business planning with clear and insightful vision, mission, and goals. If you are a start-up entrepreneur you need to establish different business systems in your business entity.

A systematic management approach would enable you to utilize your time, capital, and other resources effectively and optimally. Otherwise, you would get the burnt after a few years. Then you would realize that the blunders you have committed in the past could have been averted easily.

As a start-up entity, you have to have a clear understanding of the following 5 Financial Hacks for New Entrepreneurs.

Top 5 Financial Hacks

Emphasize cash flow management

Most start-up entrepreneurs make a common mistake, they fail to manage their cash flow and encounter a shortage of money when required. The key to business is to know from where each penny is coming and how each penny is getting expended.

You should also know what your current cash availability and is whether that is enough for the requirement or not.

You have to have total control over your cash flow otherwise you would find it difficult to succeed in your endeavor to become an entrepreneur. In a business, running out of money in-between won’t work.

So you need to carefully work out your budget and try to follow it in your operation.

Establish financial goals

You should be clear about your vision, mission, and goal before you jump into starting a start-up. What are your financial goals? What are financial goals for the first year, the second year, the fifth year or the tenth year in that matter?

You have to break down your long-term financial goals to mid-term and short-term financial goals.

You have to create your intermittent milestones which are measurable and time-bound with proper progress tracking/monitoring. Accordingly, you need to align your activities to realize the short-term goals first and then go upwards to achieve long-term goals.

In some businesses, the entrepreneurs are so meticulous that they set their daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Succeed in achieving the smaller short term goals would entail you achieve greater goals.

Track and monitor all spending.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not for any Tom, Dick, or Harry. You have to be insightful, intelligent, and intuitive at the same time. At the time of initiation of your business, you have to spend a lot for different requirements, some of which you might not have thought for or listened before.

You may hire an accounting professional (if you can afford) or/ and use accounting software to keep your financials well-organized. If you are organized, everything is up to date then it would be easier for cash flow management and also pay taxes regularly in time every year.

Lastly, tracking and mentoring of expenses would enable you to minimize or out a check on wastage and also on unnecessary spending.

In the beginning, minimize your fixed expenses.

Keeping your expenses low with total control over cash flow is the key to the sustainability of your business. Don’t go for a lousy office in a posh locality of your city. Don’t expend a lot for ‘show-offs’.

Rather use that money in well-planned marketing/ advertisement campaigning. Instead of recruiting a regular accounting professional they can hire them as and when required.

Alternatively, they can use any trustworthy and effective accounting software in the beginning days.

Time is the most precious asset

You should recognize that for every entrepreneur, especially the start-ups, time is the most valuable asset. It seems that time if ‘free’ for but please take note that your time has more monetary value than anything else.

It is the only asset which once used can’t be replenished. So, in the initial days of your business, you should be very critical about using your time in different activities. They aptly say – “Time is Money”. You can’t afford to waste of your precious time in some vague meetings, meaningless travels, and fruitless interactions. Just remember, when you waste your time you are wasting your money!


Start-up entrepreneurs may get a ‘self-satisfying’ feeling within them after they kick start their debut venture. But the real challenge begins with the beginning of your business.

If you can carefully manage the above stated 5 Financial Hacks for New Entrepreneurs then there is a high probability of succeeding in your endeavor. Of course, you have to manage other business requirements like human resource, business negotiation, customer acquisition to name a few. All these efforts if done efficiently then nobody can stop you from becoming a successful start-up entrepreneur in a few years.

Top 5 Financial Hacks for New Entrepreneurs

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