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How to Set Up Adsense Native Ads – In-feed ads & In Article ads

If you are a Google Adsense publisher then I have […]

adsense native ads

If you are a Google Adsense publisher then I have good news for you….! Google Adsense Introduced new ad types for their publishers. These ad types are known as Adsense Native ads.

What is Google Adsense Native Ads?

Native ads match with your site look & feel and provide a better User experience to your audience. These ads are different from standard ads because native ads are designed to fit clearly inside the user’s path through your website. Your visitors still know they are ads. Native ads are high quality and more customizable ads.

ads native ads

Adsense offers these types of native ads-

  • Native In-article ads
  • Native in-feed ads
  • Matched Content

Native in-article ads & Native in-feed ads are new Adsense native ad types. But matched content is not a new product from Adsense. Many from you will be familiar with Adsense Matched Content.

Native In-article ads

This is a new ad format of Adsense native ads which will show between the content or paragraph of your pages.

Benefits to Use In-article ads

  1. Better User Experience- In-article ads are high quality ads that’s why they look great on the site and provide a better user experience for your visitors.
  2. The best option for mobile- In-article ads are the best option to monetizing the smaller screens because these ads are full-width ads.
  3. Google Optimized- Google optimizes in-article ads to ensure that these ads perform well on your site or web pages.

What is Google optimized?

Google will optimize in-article ads to perform better on your site. It means Google makes your in-article ads more user-friendly as well as your website friendly by changing the layout, call to action buttons, etc. but if you allow “Google Optimized style” then Google can also change  & test the different colors and font styles for you.

How to Enable Adsense Native In-article ads

First of all, you have the need to sign-in to your Adsense account.

Go to My ads Option

ads native ads

Then click on +New ad unit

Here you will be shown three options:

  • Text & Display Ads
  • In-feed ads
  • In-article ads

Check this screenshot-

ads native ads

Press the select button from In-article ads box.

Give a name to your In-article ad and style or customize your ad according to your article page design.

ads native ads

There are three important points during the customizing of your in-article ad unit which I am telling you;

  1. You can choose the width of your ad unit by dragging it from the upper right-hand side.
ads native ads
  1. In the Global options, you will find an on-off toggle button to show selected display ads. Here is a screenshot of this-
ads native ads

According to Google Adsense, for only in-article ad units, your CPM (for impressions) may be low.  And to increase your CPM keep this toggle button ON to allow Display ads on your In-article ad units. Then your in-article ad unit will show the mix ads i.e., sometimes display ads and some time In-article ads.

  1. You will also find a checkbox for Google-optimized styles option. We already discussed what is Google optimized. So check this box, if you want that Google will optimize your ad unit.
ads native ads

After customizing your ad unit click on Save & Get Code Button.

ads native ads

Now copy the code & paste it into the HTML of your page.

Google suggests that place the code below the first two paragraphs of your article.

In-article ads are responsive by default. It means they can automatically adjust according to the size of the devices. You can Track & check their performance in the performance report.

In-feed Ads

In-feed ads are new native ad format. This type ad is designed to provide a better user experience and to monetize your site with new ways. You have to need to place in-feed ads in your site feed.

What is feed?

According to Google, Feed is a stream of content which people can scroll through. The content shows in similar blocks and repeats one after another. You can learn more about feed here.

Benefits of In-feed Ads

  • In-feed article ads also match the style of your site to provide a better user experience on your site.
  • You can further monetize your website pages with in-feed ads. That’s why in-feed ads help you to monetize new & more places on your site & earn more….
  • In-feed ads are also the best option for smaller screens.

Infeed ads are almost same within article ads instead of the locations to place them.

How to Enable In-feed ads

Sign in to your Google Adsense account.

Go to My ads option in the left sidebar.

ads native ads

Click on +New ad unit Button.

Click on the select button from In-feed ads Box.

ads native ads

Select a similar layout to your website feed and click on the select option. You can see the examples for each layout type by clicking on “View example” option. You have to need to choose the right layout to maximize the performance of your ad

ads native ads

Give a name to your ad and style or customize it according to your website feed design.

ads native ads

Important points-

You can also change the width for your in-feed ad

ads native ads

Keep the toggle button ON to boost In-feed ad unit revenue in global options.

ads native ads

After Customizing the ad unit click on Save And Get Code button.

ads native ads

Now, Copy the code and paste it inside the HTML of feed of your site. Learn more about to place your in-feed ad code on your site.

Infeed ads are also responsive by default. And you can track & check them in the performance report.

These Adsense native ads are really different from standard ads. And these ads are not included in the ads unit per page limit like as link ads.

You need to try these new Adsense native ads formats for your site also to increase your Adsense revenue and make money blogging.

But if you are looking to approve your Adsense Account then read this guide.

I’m excited to know what you thinking about these new Adsense ad formats. And what is your experience with these ads formats? Tell me in the comments

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