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    How to Create Online Signature Form In WordPress Easy Steps

    Do want to Create an Online Signature Form In WordPress?

    Or want to Create Service Agreement Form Or electronic signature form Or Digital Signature Form then this guide for you!

    In this guide, I will show you that how you can create an online signature form in WordPress In Easy steps in just a few minutes and give you the best alternative to create an online signature form in WordPress.

    Why Create a Digital Signature Form?

    Make Easy for Clients to Sign Contract: Signature form makes easy for your clients to sign your contracts in just a few clicks.

    Save Time: Save you time by allowing your clients to sign your contracts on your website. There is no need to follow up emails.

    Close Deals Faster: By allowing your clients to Sign on your Website, you can close more deals at the same time and grow your business.

    How to Create A Signature Form In WordPress

    Step 1: Add WPForms Plugin


    First of all, Install WPForms Form Builder plugin on your site. and activate that.

    Step 2: Install and Activate Signature Addon

    Then Install & Activate Signature Addon by following these steps: WP dashboard> WPForms> Addons> Signature Addon.

    Online signature forms

    Step 3: Create a Signature Form

    Add New Wpforms form Create Conversational Form in WordPress

    Go to WPforms and Add A New Form.

    Then Add Signature Field to your Form and other required fields.

    Ensure that Signature is a required field.

    Step 4: Configure Signature Form Settings

    Then Configure your Signature form settings; General, Notifications, and Confirmation.

    Step 5: Publish Your Form

    After Setting Up all the things Publish your Form. You can use this form on any page or post of your site just by using its shortcode.

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