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How to Create Quick and Easy Conversational Forms in WordPress

These days creating a conversational form for your WordPress site […]

Create Conversational Form in Wordpress

These days creating a conversational form for your WordPress site is not a big task. Now There are many SaaS tools and WordPress Plugins which you can use to create a conversational form for your wordpress blog or site in just few minutes.

For Example, Typeform is a SaaS tool which you can use to create a Conversational Form for your site. But it not the right fit for every site because it is an expensive tool with different plans and Typeform stores your data means they will manage your collected data, which is not a good thing for a site owner.

That’s why I’m not recommending Typeform to Anyone to use Because We have Typeform Alternative to create WordPress Conversational form in just a few clicks and with more features.

That is Wpforms WordPress Plugin. Wpforms is the best Typeform alternative plugin to create a conversational form for WordPress site.

In this guide, you will learn how you can create a conversational form in your WordPress site, step by step.

Why WpForms is the Best Plugin to Create Conversational Forms than Others

The important feature of WPForms and its add-ons is that it is an open source medium, which means your work on the site doesn’t rely on third party services like Type form who also saves customer form data on their servers.

Conversational Form add-on comes with the feature of collecting feedback, responses and other details directly on your WordPress site. Just activate your WPForms Pro pack and this add-on and get access to all these features.

The second thing is the Pricing. WPForms comes with an affordable price and is renewed yearly. But the best part is, you can choose not to renew and keep on using the plug-in as long as you want. Whereas Typeform is not only expensive but also a recurring based SAAS (software as a service) tool. You need minimum pro plan of Wpforms, which costs you $399/year but You can Get this For Just $199/year with 50% Off on all WpForms Plans

Creating Conversatonal Forms In WordPress

The conversational form has been designed for boosting form completion and for overall form conversions. And unlike other online forms, users will answer one question at a time with the conversational form. It is a very unique, effective and efficient approach in collecting customer data. It will enhance user experience and make the process of filling out forms more human, easy and fun.

Some of the example forms where you can use conversational forms are, and Which you can create with WPForms :

Survey forms– No need to ask all the questions in one go. The conversational form will help you to make a real face-to-face survey like experience,

Job application forms– In case of job application forms people tend to abandon in between because they are too long, but now you can turn them into far easier and interesting. 

Event Planning Form– No more asking all questions at a time to your clients, make it like more fun.

User Registration Form– It helps in improving your registration form conversation rate. Some other forms types are Client feedback form, event registration form and many more

Not only this, but you can also turn your existing forms into interactive forms in just a few clicks.

These forms are usually longer and include more fields. If you display all those questions at once, then users feel overwhelmed and abandon the form. Conversational forms fix this by asking users to answer one question at a time. Instead of a tedious long form, it feels more interactive and keeps users engaged.

Step 1: Install and Activate WPForms Plugin

First Of all, Download, activate and install WPForms on your site.

conversational form

Then Activate Your WPforms With by adding its license Key.

conversational form

To start with Wpforms, you will need at least the “Pro” plan to access the conversational Forms Add-on.

 Step 2: Installing the Conversational add on

From the add-ons tab of the plug-in, Install and activate the conversational Forms Add-on.

conversational form

Once you see the add-on status as “Active”, you are ready to start.

conversational form

Step 3: Create A New Wpforms Form in WordPress

Add A New Form by click on the “Add New” Option under WPForms Menu Option.

Then Give a name to your form and choose a template to create Form.

conversational form

Step 4: Add Fields to Your Form

Now you need to complete your form according to your requirements. You can Add new field options to your Form just by drag and drop. you can also remove unrequired options too from your form.

conversational form

Step 5: Configure Conversational Form Settings

Go to setting>Conversational Forms, and enable the box labeled “Enable Conversational Form Mode”. As shown in the screenshot below:

conversational form

Once the conversational form gets enabled, some additional options also appear:

conversational form

Conversational Form Title and Message– You can add a title to your form that will appear in large text near the top of your conversational form’s page;

Message– You can optionally add a message that will be displayed under the title. For example, you can share instructions or extra details with your readers;

Permalink- If you want to use the conversational form as a landing page (for example for a Pinterest group board joining form) you can give it a unique permalink (the URL you see in the web browser).

Header Logo-You can upload a logo or image in the header area. This is a great way to personalize your form!

Hide WPForms Branding. You can hide the WPForms logo in the footer just by clicking the box labeled Hide WPForms Branding.

Then Simply Click On the Save Button At Top-Right Corner. Your Conversational Form is Ready to Use. You can View your Conversational Form just by clicking on the Preview Button or the View Button on at conversational setting page (as showing in the above screenshot).

conversational form
Live View Of Conversational Form

You can Use This WPForms Conversational Form On Any page of your WordPress Site by using the Shortcode of that form.

There can be many reasons for selecting a conversational form. Here are a few of them:

Guided Experience: From question one to submission of the form, only the current step will be the focus. This helps your readers to focus one thing at a time, just like a real conversation.

Standalone Page: You can display the form as a page on its own, without other distractions like ads, links, etc.

Navigation Options: With conversational forms, your readers don’t need to click, scroll down or wander around the page. They can just fill out the entire form with their keyboard if they’d like (and can still use a mouse, as well).

Conversion forms will help you boost your website’s form filling process that means no one will abandon in between form filling. And the best part is that you don’t need any coding to create it. Conversational Forms by WPForms will turn your boring static forms into more human conversational forms quickly, without spending a bundle or adding hours to your day!

As you can see above that how simple is to create a conversational form in WordPress with WPforms. No Doubt, WPForms is a trusted and feature-rich WordPress Form Plugin who can create almost any type of form which you want. If you are looking for a form builder plugin for your site, then I will recommend you to go with Wpforms. You will be happy with your decision.

Wpforms Pricing plans are also affordable But WPforms Offering 50% Discount at this time. Means you can save 50% On Wpforms Plan If you want to Buy.