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The Beginner’s Guide to Build A Brand Using Social Media

Like a corporate brand selling service and products, you need […]

build brand with social media

Like a corporate brand selling service and products, you need to portray yourself as a personal brand at an individual level. But unfortunately, it is easy said than done. Many a time, it becomes difficult for a brand to showcase its merits properly.

In the current world of excessive competition, every avenue must be made use of by a company to rise against all odds. In that light, social media can be an effective source of brand building. The following tips can be of  use if you wish to develop your personal brand using social media:

Set Your Branding Goals

Before everything, first set what you wish to achieve through your personal brand. To that end, branding goals must be set.

Is the campaign for starting a new business?
Is it to differentiate existing products and services from the set competition?
Or is it to achieve new sales targets? 

Once you come to know about your goals, branding strategy for multiple social media channels must be developed. For instance, if you wish to hire people for your business, then thought after posts must be made for Linkedin. On the other hand, if you want to reach out to more people, Twitter and Facebook must be focused on.

State Your Area of Expertise

This is the next big step while building your brand on social media. It is important to state your expertise while developing your personal brand on social media. Specialties define your business, be it a business organization or a small personal brand, the specialties help people recognize the business.

While managing your personal brand, be sure to include all your interests, skills, and personal experience in all your social media handles. These function as effective keywords and help in bringing your brand higher up in the search results. 

Strong Brand Statement

A brand statement is a short crisp statement that defines your brand. Ideally, a brand statement should stand for the company’s motto, its value, and finally its mission. A brand statement aids a business to position itself strongly in the market.

However, the brand statement does not apply only to business houses, many famous personalities too, have their own brand statements.

But what should be the manifestation of your brand statement? If you are planning to endorse your personal brand, then the brand statement should hold the interest of the audience you are trying to reach.

Be Ubiquitous

Since the competition is rising over the top, it is Instagram’s deal to maintain a consistent social media presence across diverse social media channels. Ideally, a blog site along with handles in popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter must have good images. 

However, if you happen to have any video content, a YouTube channel must be launched.

Good Images

The importance of good images cannot be ignored. Visual images attract a lot of attention and spread fast on sharing. Images help to deliver elaborate messages quite easily.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram deal with a lot of images and is the best way to circulate the presence of your brand. Create good images using online tools.

Personal Brand Strategy

Content strategy does not only apply to big business houses but also personal brands. If you wish to draw traffic to your site the content strategy should be unique so that people are interested to share it from time to time. Additionally, a content calendar must also be prepared to decide when to share which content.

The social media platform is for establishing engagement, so you cannot share your business all the time. It is important to connect with your audience on a personal level sharing quality content with them that they will enjoy.

Consistency In Branding

 You are most likely to make a powerful impact if you maintain a similar tone and voice across all social media platforms. A consistent logo and design also help to this end.

For example, if the color tone of your image is red-based, make sure to follow a similar tone across all social media channels.

People tend to recognize the images based on the color tone, voice and of course the logo. If you maintain a general color tone for all of your posts, your audience will identify you easily without even looking at the picture or the content.

With all these points in mind build a brand which will attract a lot of attention…