How to Set Up Author Tracking in WordPress with Google Analytics

Author Tracking

If you are running a multi-author blog then Author tracking is the best option to find out the best performing authors for your blog.

And in this guide, we will show you how you can set up author tracking in WP with Google Analytics.

Here are the Simple Steps to Set up Author Tracking:

1 Install and Activate MonsterInsights
2 Set Up Author Tracking in WP with GA

To track your blog authors, MonsterInsights is the best and easiest method to enable author tracking. You can set up author tracking manually but for that, you must be an experienced Google Analytics User because there is no by default author tracking feature settings in Google Analytics. You can also add many other custom dimensions in MonsterInsights.

Install & Activate MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin

First of all, Install and Activate the MonsterInsights Pro WordPress Plugin on your WordPress Site. For that, you can check our step by step guide on How to install and Activate MonsterInsights Plugin.

Once you activate and set up MonsterInsights pro plugin with Google Analytics then install the Dimensions addon. For this go to Insights >> Addons.

MonsterInsights Dimension Addon

Setting Up Author Tracking in WordPress with GA

Once you activate dimensions addon then go to Insights>> Settings >> Conversions. And Click on the Add New Custom Dimension Button


Here you will find the Custom Dimensions option. Select the Type Author from the drop-down options.

Then click the Save Changes Button.

Now login to Your Google Analytics Account. Once you logged in to Google Analytics then Go to Admin tab then Go to Custom Dimensions under Custom Definitions in Postback Option.

Google Analytics Custom Dimension

Now Click on the +New Custom Dimension Button.

New Custom Dimension

Then you need to Add Custom Dimension details.

In the Name field, Write Author and leave other setting options as is.

Add Custom Dimension

Now you need to ensure that the author tracking index number and MonsterInsights Custom Dimension ID are the same.

If both ids are the same then you have no need to do anything. But if don’t match then change the ID in MonsterInsights custom dimension ID option to match both.

Now you should add Google Analytics custom report to track your Blog Authors Properly. For this, go to Customization >> Custom Reports.

Then click on the +New Custom Report Button.

Custom Reports

Then define the group metrics in Report Content.

And it’s done!

Now, you can see your Author tracking reports. Go to Behavior >> Site Content >> All Pages. Choose any Primary Dimension and then Secondary dimensions. Under the Custom Dimensions choose the Author option to see it with other primary custom dimensions.

There are many other options to see author reports with other metrics in Google Analytics.

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