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Adsense Address Verification with or without Adsense PIN

Are you waiting for Adsense Pin or want to know […]

adsense address verification with or without pin

Are you waiting for Adsense Pin or want to know the alternative methods to verify your Adsense address verification? Then you are at right place because in this guide we will discuss in details about Google Adsense Address Verification…..!

Before sending you any payment from your Adsense Account, Google Adsense wants that you verify your Address. For that reason, Google Adsense sends a 6 digit Code which is known as Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Payment Address, which you have provided in your Google Adsense Account. This PIN is also known as Adsense PIN.

When is the Adsense PIN Issued?

Google Adsense sends you a PIN to verify your address when your Adsense earnings reach the Verification threshold for the first time. Here is the Adsense Address Verification threshold for different countries:

adsense address verification

How Long Does It Take?

Once you reach Adsense Address Verification threshold amount, Google Adsense will send your Address Verification PIN in next 3-5 days and it will arrive at your Address in 2-4 weeks. But it may take more time.

But mostly Adsense Publishers become fail to get their Adsense PIN due to the Mailing problems. If you are one of them and looking for your Adsense PIN then you have no need to be afraid or frustrated. Because you can request for a PIN up to three times. And to verify your Adsense Account, you have four months…….:)

How to Request for a New Adsense PIN?

If you have not received your first generated PIN in 2-4 weeks then you have the need to request a new PIN. You can request a new replacement PIN after 28 days from the first PIN generation date. You can check the date of the previous generated PIN in your Adsense account on Account Information page under Settings option.

NOTE: before requesting for a new PIN, check your provided address. You can change or modify your already provided address. Because a wrong address may be a reason to not receive your PIN. So, make sure that you are providing the real address in right way.

To Request for a New Adsense PIN, Follow These Steps:

  • Sign in with your Google Adsense Account.
  • Go to Account Information Page under Setting Tab.
Adsense Address Verification
  • Click on “Verify Address”.
  • At the bottom of this page, you will find a button with “Request New PIN” text. Click on this Request new PIN button (It will be shown only after the completion of 28 days otherwise not).
    Adsense Address Verification request new adsense PIN
  • Then a Pop-Up will be shown to you. like this-
Adsense Address Verification
  • If you want Simply generate a new PIN then click on the first Button: Yes, Generate and mail PIN. But if you want to change your address before generating a new Adsense PIN then click on 2nd Button: No, Change my Address First.  then change Address and  Generate A New PIN.
  • Now you generate your Adsense PIN. to confirm this, Check the most recent PIN generated the date in “Account Information” Tab.
Adsense Address Verification


You can reach to verify address page directly by clicking on the Action button in Top red payments hold Notification alert bar.

Adsense Address Verification

Note: Every replacement PIN issued to you will be the duplicate of your First original PIN. So, if you have received your first PIN after requesting for a new PIN then you can use your received PIN for Adsense Address Verification.

But if you have not received your first PIN then there are pretty chances that you may not receive your other PINs. Especially, if you live in the rural area or in a small town/village. I also have not received my any Adsense PIN. I have verified my all Adsense accounts by using alternative methods of Adsense address verification.
But if you have received your Adsense PIN then you can verify address by using your PIN.

How to Verify Adsense Account with Adsense PIN

To verify Adsense account with the PIN, follow these steps:

  • Sign-in to your Adsense Account.
  • Go to Account Information Page under Settings Option.
Adsense Address Verification with PIN
  • Click on verify address link option
  • Enter your PIN and click on Submit Button.
Adsense Address Verification

That’s it…!

Your Adsense account will be verified.

You will get a mail from Google Adsense about the Adsense verification status. But you may still see the payment on hold notification bar up to next 24-48 hours.

NOTE: If you have not received your Adsense PIN then don’t submit or use your guessing PINs for your Adsense Account. Because if you entered the wrong PIN 3 times then your Adsense Account will be suspended. And you will lose your all Adsense earnings.
So don’t try to be over smart. You have just need to keep patience, your Adsense account will be verified with a pin or with alternative methods.

How to Verify Adsense Account without Adsense PIN

According to Google, A user can request a PIN up to three times. But if you have already requested three times for your PIN. But have not received yet. Then you can verify your Adsense account by using your any Government issued Documents. Like as- Passport, Government issued Identity card, Bank account copy, Telephone bills copy, Adhar card (Identity card in India) and much more.

But remember that, your address should be mentioned in that document which you are using to verify your Adsense. And that mentioned address on the Document must be the same to your Adsense account address.

You can find an option to Submit Document in your Adsense account after the request of your last (3rd) PIN. But you can submit your ID proof after the four weeks from the last (3rd) generated PIN. But before four weeks you can’t verify your Adsense account address. And this link will redirect to Adsense Troubleshooter.

Steps to Verify Adsense Account with Passport or Any Other Official Identity Doc:

To verify your Adsense Account address with an official document, you have needed these four things-

  1. Name (Payee Name In Adsense Account)
  2. Email address
  3. Your Adsense Publisher ID. (You can found it on Account Information Page)
  4. Scanned copy of Document. Scan your document with superior quality. And save it as JPG or PDF file.

Now you are only one step away to get your Verified Adsense Account.

Follow these Steps to submit your ID proof-

  • Login to your Adsense Account
  • Go to Account Information Page & click on verify Address link option.
Adsense Address Verification
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find an option to Submit Document. Click on that link.
Adsense Address Verification
  • Now a Form will be shown to you. Like this-
Adsense Address Verification
  • Fill your Details & Upload your ID document copy. Click on Submit Button.

That’s it…..!!

Well done! You have complete the process of Adsense address verification.

Now, wait for the reply of the Adsense. Normally they respond in 2-3 minutes. But they may take more time to respond. And your Adsense account will be verified. But remember that the payment hold notification may still show up to next 24-48 hours in your Adsense account.

Now you have to need to reach the amount of minimum payment threshold to get your first payment from Adsense. You can read this guide to increase Adsense earnings & to get paid soon.

You have just need to keep patience. Your account will be verified in some months with Adsense PIN or without Adsense PIN. But as a newbie, it is a frustrating period to wait for Adsense PIN. I can understand….!
But I can say that your Adsense Account will be verified with or without the PIN. And it is 100% sure.

What is your experience with Adsense Account Verification? And what do you think about this Guide? Tell me in the comments box…!
Share this Guide with your friends or newbie bloggers & help them to go in right way…..

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