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Best WordPress Alternatives 2024 To Start Your Online Journey

Do you want to start a blog and look for […]

wordpress alternatives

Do you want to start a blog and look for the best blogging platform except wordpress? then you are in the right place because I will tell you the best WordPress alternatives to start your online life..!

Blogging is one of the best & safest methods to make money online or to live an online life. These days, it is more popular. I’m also that person who lives an online life & earns a good income from blogging.

To start your blog, you have to need to choose a blogging platform for you, that provides you with all the required tools, features, freedom & control to run your blog as you want. That’s why WordPress is mostly used to start blogging. Learn vs full comparison guide. But WordPress is not only the option to start your online journey. There are many alternatives to WordPress like Joomla, Drupal, Tumbler, etc.

In this article, we will discuss all the alternatives of WordPress. So let’s start!

WordPress alternatives list-


wordpress alternatives

Drupal is a popular open-source CMS platform. It is also has a big community of developers & users. Drupal covers more than 2% of all the websites on the Internet. The Economist is a big example of a Drupal site.

It has almost all similarities with WordPress. Drupal also provides good choices, freedom & control on your site. You can easily make a Drupal site like WordPress.


wordpress alternatives

Joomla is a powerful & multipurpose open-source platform to start your site. It has a bigger community of its users & Developers. Joomla has all the features like WordPress. It is also used by millions of users, government, business, and profit-nonprofit organizations all over the world.

Joomla has templates & extensions to add features to your site. Joomla also provides community support. It is able to run or use on any web hosting platforms.


wordpress alternatives

Medium is also one of the popular WordPress alternatives to using for blogging. But it is different than WordPress.

The main goal or aim of Medium is to provide a hassle-free platform to publishers for writing and a user-friendly reading experience for readers. Medium is not a complete CMS platform because it is designed to connect people & thoughts.

On Medium, themes & plugins do not exist. It means you can’t add any functionality in your Medium account. Medium uses in-line notes instead of comments. Medium is a mobile-friendly platform & looks well on all devices. It is a fully- hosted platform. But it allows you to use a custom domain name for your blog.


wordpress alternatives

Ghost is created or built for only one purpose i.e. blogging. It gives you a clean & hassle-free writing and blogging experience for their publishers and readers. Ghost is a single-purpose Node JS-based software. It is built or designed only for blogging, instead of any other purpose like WordPress.


wordpress alternatives

Jekyll is a static site generator and requires Node JS. It is very different than WordPress. Jekyll creates static HTML pages for your site.

Github pages offer free hosting to use. You can use this hosting for your site too. But Jekyll is very difficult to use. It is made for developers, not for new webmasters. You can’t use it without programming skills.


wordpress alternatives

Tumblr is a combination platform for social and blogging. It is one of the popular platforms which you can use for blogging totally free.

Tumblr gives you free themes as well as paid themes to choose for your blog. You can use your custom domain name on Tumblr. It is a fully hosted platform; it means you have no need to worry about the technical issues and maintenance of your blog.


wordpress alternatives

Blogger is owned by Google & widely used to start blogging. It is the best option for new bloggers to start their blog on Blogspot. It has almost all features which you should have the need to start a blog.

Blogger is very easy to use. It is a fully hosted platform; it means you have no need to buy hosting for your blog or site. Blogger offers a subdomain for your site. But you can use a custom domain for your blog. Blogger I totally free to use and you can earn money with Google Adsense from your blogger blog.

You can check the complete differentiate guide between WordPress vs blogger here on DotComOnly.


wordpress alternatives

nopCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform and a great alternative to WordPress when you want to create an eCommerce store. With nopCommerce, you can quickly launch an online store without additional charges since all powerful features are available out-of-the-box free of charge.

The nopCommerce platform has effective product, SEO, and marketing features, as well as various payment and shipping providers, which enables eCommerce website owners to have increased sales, advanced customer experience, and high conversions. nopCommerce is an ideal eCommerce solution for any kind and size of business.


wordpress alternatives

Statamic is flat-file CMS software. It is a paid alternative of WordPress. You can’t store your website’s data in the database of Statamic. It makes it very different than other CMS alternatives of WordPress.

Google sites

wordpress alternatives

Google Sites is another option to make your small website easily & simply. It is free to use and host, easy to use option. You can use your custom domain name on Google Sites. Google Site is not CMS software. But is an alternative of WordPress like as Weebly or Wix.


wordpress alternatives

Wix is one of the easiest website builders and a hosted platform to start your site. It comes with one free & other paid plans to start your Wix site. It is a drag & drop builder.

You can use it for your e-commerce store, but it provides limited features & tools for your e-store.

Wix offers dedicated support to its users. With Wix, you have no need to worry about any technical issues for your site everything is managed by Wix. You can read this complete differentiate guide of WordPress vs Wix to know that which one is best for you.


wordpress alternatives

Weebly is also a hosted, drag & drop site builder, to build your site. It offers you templates & tools to design & customize your site. Weebly comes with monthly plans to start a site. It also offers e-commerce site option, but it gives limited choices & tools for your e-store. You can read this full comparison guide of WordPress vs Weebly.


wordpress alternatives

It is one of the popular WordPress alternatives. Squarespace is a paid, fully hosted site builder and very easy to use.

Squarespace is also offering pre-built templates for your site and you can customize them to design according to you. But you can’t use any external or third-party tools & templates for your Squarespace site. You can use only Squarespace own built tools & templates. You can check full comparison guide between WordPress vs Squarespace.


wordpress alternatives

Big-commerce is like Shopify and is mainly used to build online stores. But if you don’t want to open an e-store & sell products then it is not a good option for you.

Big Commerce has an inbuilt payment gateway & cart for your e-store. It also offers other tools for marketing, SEO, and reporting of your site. You can add or integrate more than 65 payment channels or services.

BigCommerce also comes with paid plans. This is one of the best alternatives for WordPress to start an e-store.

Expression Engine

wordpress alternatives

Expression Engine is a paid CMS platform which is based on PHP + MySQL. You can use its basic free plan but it gives you very limited features. A license fee is required for expression engine. Most additional features are also paid on expression engine.

Open sources CMS WordPress Alternatives

Text pattern

wordpress alternatives

Text Pattern is an open source CMS platform. It has almost same requirements as WordPress. But it is very simple & easy to use. Textile is used on text pattern to convert text into HTML.

CMS Made Simple

wordpress alternatives

It is an open-source CMS platform and having the same features like WordPress and Drupal.

CMS Made Simple has inbuilt themes & modules to make your site beautiful and more functional. It provides documentation & community support to start your site.

Get Simple

wordpress alternatives

As its name described, it is one of the easiest CMS platforms, to build your site. You can easily install get simple. Get Simple is also open-source platforms totally free to use but it provides fewer choices than WordPress.

Silver stripe

wordpress alternatives

It is also an open-source alternative of WordPress, to build your site. You can develop sites or web applications on the silver stripe. But you should have to need programming skills to use it effectively. Silver Stripe is a competitor option to WordPress to build your website.


wordpress alternatives

Umbraco is an open-source CMS platform to start your site. It is based on Microsoft.Net. Umbraco is a better solution for large sites like


There are many alternatives of WordPress to start your site or blog. But it depends upon your requirements & budget that which one is best for you.

Also, keep in mind about your expertise level in blogging when you are choosing alternatives of WordPress.

But personally, I prefer & recommend to you that choose WordPress. Because there is nothing like WordPress. It is easy to use, pocket-friendly, fully customized with lots of choices and gives full freedom to make your site.

You can make any type of site or blog on WordPress. Anytime if you face any problem then you have the great choice in resources also. You can find how to’s, guides in the form of videos, articles, pdf etc. But if you want to ask other users & experts then you can use the WordPress community forum. Or you can hire a WordPress developer for you. It means you have lots of choices in all the way from themes to support.

Share with me that which are best WordPress alternatives for you. write your opinions in the comments box and Don’t forget to share this WordPress alternatives guide on social media.

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  1. Good list of alternatives.
    I would also like to seem some more lightweight easy to install CMS systems, like Pulse CMS.
    These are easy to setup and template and clients (end users) love the admin interface and speed.

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