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11 Proven Methods to Increase Google Adsense Earnings

Do you want to increase your Google Adsense earnings?? In […]

Google Adsense Earnings

Do you want to increase your Google Adsense earnings?? In this guide, I’m sharing some best & useful tips to increase your Adsense revenue.

As we all know Adsense is one of the best methods to make money from blogging & from videos.

Learn How to Start a Blog and Make Money

There are many bloggers who are making thousands of dollars every month with Google Adsense. If you also want to increase your earnings from Adsense then you have to need to implement my tips & suggestions on your blog. These tips are 100% safe and work for many Adsense publishers. So let’s start!

Methods to Increase Google Adsense Earnings

Google Adsense revenue mainly depends upon three factors- Traffic, CPC, and CTR


Traffic is the main point in the success of a site or blog. If your site has more traffic or increasing day by day then your revenue will also increase. You can say that

More traffic = More revenue

You have required a minimum 70% traffic from search engines to increase your revenue. Because Organic traffic helps to increase the CPC & page views for your site. You have to need to focus on SEO as well as on rich content. Because without SEO you can’t get organic traffic for your site.

Traffic location is also an important factor in increasing your earnings from Adsense. For example, traffic from big sites like as- U.S.A. & U.K. generate more revenue than Asian countries like as- India, Pak, Nepal etc.


It Stands for Cost Per Click. Your CPC rate is also important to increase your Adsense revenue. Higher the CPC means,

More Competition for that keyword in PPC. This means more people (advertisers) are willing to pay (bid) higher for that keyword. In a result more revenue for you.

For example, if your CPC is $1 it means you will earn $1 with one click on your ad. But if your CPC is $10 then you will earn $10 per click. But it is not the case when we talk about CPC for Adsense Publishers. Because you are not the direct publisher of that Advertiser. Google is the middle man and also there are many factors that effect your earnings.

But the Thumb Rule of CPC earning is that you will earn 10% of the CPC. For example if your CPC is $1 then you will earn $0.10 per click for that keyword. But you earn more or the actual CPC amount of that keyword if you’re lucky.

Here are the Major Factors affecting CPC rate:

There are many factors which affect the CPC rate for your site. Like as-

  1. The ranking of your site & content in Google search engine.
  2. Geo Location
  3. Keyword CPC rate
  4. Number of page views
  5. Ads placement
  6. Ad types
  7. Ad formats
  8. How much traffic from search engines? And much more.

You can increase your CPC by using high CPC keywords for your site. Find high CPC keywords then write content on those keywords. It will help you to increase your CPC.


It stands for Click Through Rate. It means the number of clicks/ 1000 page views. CTR is also an important factor to make more money with Adsense. Because Adsense pays for the clicks on ads. That’s why more the CTR rate more revenue generated.

But your CTR should not be increased more than 15%. If your CTR becomes more than 15% then you may be in trouble because Google can suspend your Adsense account.

Ctr is mainly depended upon the ad placements & user experience of your site. You can say that good user experience on your site means good CTR rate.

Proven Methods to Increase Google Adsense Earnings

Number of ads

If you are using more ads on one page then it may be the one reason for lower earnings from Adsense. Now Google allows more than 3 ads on one page. But content should be more than ads on that page. Don’t use more than 3-4 ads on one page it may reduce your CPC, CTR, and earnings from Adsense.

According to Google, you have to need to focus on your content & traffic instead of more number of ads on a single page to increase your Adsense revenue.

Ad Types

You have to need to use both image & text ads as well as other Ad types like In-feed, In-article ads etc. But if you are using only one then you are missing your earnings. Both types have their features. Text ads are also good for earnings as well as image ads. I prefer & using both ads.

Ads between the posts

If you want to increase your Adsense earnings then place ads between the content. It will help you to get more click & views. But make sure that the content is more than ads on your page & you are providing a great user experience to your users.

Size & Location

Size & locations of ads on your site have a great impact on revenue generation from Adsense. For example, 336*280 (large rectangle) is the most revenue-generated ad size. Because it has good viewability.

Ad location is also affecting the earnings of your Adsense. Ads which are placed on above the folds are generating more revenue. Because advertisers are more bid for top ad spaces than others. And above the fold ads are seen able to everyone that’s why these locations getting more view & impressions.

Also, Automatad, a monetization partner, analyzed over 700 million desktop ad impressions and ~1.5 billion mobile ad impressions across all the geographies and browsers — to find the best ad sizes based on their demand, revenue contribution, and eCPM. Interestingly, just two sizes  320×50 and 300×250 accounted for more than 80% of the total impressions delivered on mobile and on Desktop, 728×90 (leaderboard) contributed to revenue more than other sizes. You can take a look at the complete results here.

Adsense for search

Google Adsense Earnings

Adsense offers different types of ways or methods to make money from Adsense That’s why you have to need to use all the methods to increase your Google Adsense earnings. So you can use Google Custom Search for your website because you can use Adsense with Google Custom Search (CSE). It will help you to make more money from Adsense as well as provide a good user navigation system to your visitors.

Blacklist URL

Google Adsense Earnings

Some advertisers pay a very small amount per click. You have to need to find those advertisers and block their URL from your Adsense account. It will help you to place only high-paying ads on your website to increase your Google Adsense Earnings.

Category blocking

Google Adsense Earnings

Check which categories ads are performing well & which are not. You can block those categories ads that are not performing well for you.


Google Adsense Earnings

You can do perform experiments about different things like as color, formats, positions, styles etc. to find best options for you. You have to need to start an experiment from your Adsense account. It will be really helpful for you to increase your income from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense also perform experiments on your 5% traffic if you allow them to perform.

Adsense for Youtube

You can monetize your Youtube videos with Google Adsense to increase your Adsense revenue. Youtube is a great option to increase your audience as well as Google Adsense Earnings.

what are your methods to increase Google Adsense Earnings? Tell me in the comments box and don’t forget to share this post on social media with your friends.

But you have not an approved Adsense account then read How to get Google Adsense Approval for blog.

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  1. Please can you tell me if I have 400 daily page views and get daily about 150 ad click. Shall AdSense disable??

    1. Harpreet Munjal

      Hello @Rizwan
      check your CTR. because if your CTR rate is more than 20% then you are running at risk.

      1. Great and useful tips. Question on CTR. Please clarify. Doesn’t every publisher want to have more clicks on their ads? Isn’t driving traffics to their site is all about? To get more clicks on their ad placement? It’s like catch 22 here.

        1. Hello @Rick
          CTR is Click Through Rate. Yes, It depends upon UX and ad placements as well as ad size on a webpage. use Adsense recommending as sizes & try experiments on your web pages to find best placements for your site.

  2. Hi,
    Nice article, can you suggest me how many ads we can show on a page? in the article and side bar too.
    Currently I am showing 3 ads in an article.

    1. Hello @Kristenne
      I’m Happy that DotComOnly is a useful source for you…….!
      I’m always here to help you….:)
      thanks for your encouragement.

  3. Hello, I running 3 websites in Hungary. The cpc is very low on 1 ( website since end of last december. I have no idea what happened, I did not changed anything more years. I already wrote them an email, and waiting for an answer. I know normally low everything in January, but this website has very bad cpc(30% of another 2 websites).

    1. Harpreet Munjal

      Hello Szucs
      CPC depends on many factors like as your traffic, location, SERP rankings, Niche, Ad types-placements etc.

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